Are Stripes the New Floral This Spring?

It’s springtime again which means it’s time for the same old floral patterns to take center stage…Not this year! 2017 is bringing an all new perspective on spring fashion and it’s all about the stripes. Horizontal stripes, vertical stripes, big stripes, small stripes, they’re everywhere. I’m all about this trend. Stripes are a breath of fresh air this spring! Designers are taking corporate business styles (like pinstripes) and making them casual and light for everyday wear. One of my favorite things about this trend is that vertical stripes are very slimming! I usually try to stay away from horizontal stripes because they can make you look wider than you are. Nobody wants that. I’m so happy about this trend because stripes look good in any color and can spruce up any outfit.

This outfit is perfect for a spring date or bridal shower! A simple off the shoulder stripe stress is dressed up with a faux leather choker and lace-up wedge sandal.

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Dress: $11Primark

Choker: $ (Similar choker)

Wedges: $79.97-Nordstrom Rack (these are a bit pricey)

Wedge Dupe: $18-Primark