What's the Deal with Modesty?

Modesty. Some of you may cringe at this word and for good reason. Many people think modesty is just for those really conservative Christians because God doesn’t want them to have any fun or feel sexy. Modesty has been painted in a really bad light. It’s associated with covering yourself up from head to toe and not showing one inch of skin and, honestly, I think churches have not really helped the issue. Youth groups tend to frame modesty as covering ourselves up as to not draw boys’ attention to our bodies. They throw out Bible verses that support their teachings and use phrases like “modest is hottest” *insert eye roll* And while that’s all well and good, they miss the main point of modesty and girls grow up thinking God doesn’t want us to feel sexy. Modesty was never meant to be a punishment. The reality is that modesty was meant as a way to keep attention off ourselves and give the attention to God. It’s not because God doesn’t want us to feel good about ourselves, it’s a matter of praise and who it should be going to.

On a side note, modesty isn’t just for girls. Sorry fellas, you don’t get a free pass. Y’all can be modest too. Modesty is about everyone giving God glory rather than ourselves. Now, that’s not to mean we can’t show skin at all because, let’s be real, bikinis are the best. It’s just knowing when and where certain articles of clothing are appropriate. Now get out there and let your modesty shine!

Below is my example of how you can be both modest and sexy! A simple floral maxi dress with a deep v neckline and slit. My fiancé happens to love this dress 😉 Sometimes leaving a little to the imagination is sexier!


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