Graduation Garb

It’s the time of year when your Facebook and Insta feeds are cluttered with photos from your friends’ and family’s graduation and you don’t want to just fade into the background of all those photos when the time comes for you to don that silly cap and gown. Of course you want to stand out, you did just complete years of hard work whether it be in high school, college, or grad school. I’ve got a few tips and suggestions for you to stand out on graduation day!


I’m starting with shoes because they’re my favorite piece of any outfit. Just ask my Fiancé! He always tells me I don’t need more shoes because I’ve got like 100 pairs. But, I digress. While I’d love to tell you heels are the way to go, I’d be giving you some bad advice. You have to think about where your ceremony is being held. If it’s being held outside on a field of some sort, I would suggest flats or sandals. As much as it pains me to suggest flats (I kind of hate flats), it may be necessary, especially if it has been raining the day prior to commencement. I like heels more with graduation gowns just because I think the gowns tend to cut my legs off and make them look short but it is definitely just my own preference. You should consider the weather also when choosing footwear because if it’s going to be super soggy from rain, sandals may be your best bet. If you’re feeling adventurous and want to still have some height for the special event, you can always wear wedges! That’s my plan for my graduation day. You won’t sink into the field if it’s outside and you will have some height! It’s a win-win!


I know what you’re thinking, she’s just going to tell me to wear a dress…well you’d be wrong! Wear whatever you’d like! This is the perfect time to let your personal style shine! If dresses aren’t for you, wear a super cute romper or, dare I say, pant suit. There are so many different kinds of rompers and pant suits out there, it’ll be easy to find one that will display your style. Rompers are a favorite of mine, whether they’re pant rompers or short rompers, I love them all. Spicing things up and wearing a romper instead of a dress will ensure you to stand out among the sea of dresses. As much as I love rompers, dresses are what I feel prettiest in so that’s what I’m planning on wearing. You should take your cap and gown color into account when picking your outfit just because it can really clash if you choose a bright red dress to wear under a maroon gown. Yikes. White or a neutral color is always a good choice. I definitely suggest wearing white if your gown is white just because they’re sort of see through and you’d be able to see a bright color through it. My cap and gown is black so really the options are endless. If your gown is a dark color, I’d suggest wearing a bright color just so you don’t blend in with it. It’ll help you stand out more against the dark fabric and not let you be engulfed in it because gowns tend to be flowier than we’d like.


I personally think jewelry should be simple just because there’s a lot going on between the gown, cap and tassel, and whatever cords you may have. A statement necklace is a good idea just to add a little pop beneath the gown. In terms of earrings, I think smaller earrings might be a good choice just because the tassel is right up in your face and it might get a little busy.

Congratulations on your upcoming Graduation! Have some Fun! You deserve it!


Featuring Jamie Amstrong (my best friend)

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