Sunshine and Swimwear: My Favorite Swimsuit Trends of 2017

Summer is upon us and it’s time to start rifling through last year’s swimsuits to find something that isn’t completely faded from all the beach and pool days. Lucky for you, you don’t need to! I did all the work for you and combed the racks for the newest trends! Here are my picks for 2017!

One Piece

Swimsuit: Target ( On Sale for $35)

I love bikinis but sometimes it’s more fun to leave a little bit to the imagination! That’s why I’m a big fan of cutout one pieces. Who says one pieces can’t be sexy? You’ll be turning some heads in this little number.

High Neck

Swimsuit Top: Target ($29.99)

Matching Bottom: Target (17.99)

I really like high neck swimsuits because they’re just so different. They’re especially nice for busty girls because they don’t feel like they’re constantly falling out of their swimsuit. They keep everything tucked in and in place. The one downside about this type of suit is that they’re not great for tanning. If you’re not looking for weird tan lines then I would only wear this type of suit when you’re not planning on laying out in the sun.


Swimsuit:Target ($26.99)

Bottoms: LOFT ($39.99)

I love scalloped swimsuits! They are so girly and flirty! Like with the high neck swimsuits, I would steer clear of this suit if you’re trying to tan because it could give you a weird tan line. The swimsuit pictured does not have a matching bottom at Target but I found a really good match at LOFT! Mismatching bikinis are super in so pairing this bright pink top with black bottoms would be perfect!

Bustier Tops

Swimsuit: Target ($27.99)

Matching Bottoms: Target ($19.99)

I really like bustier bikini tops for a sexier edge. They’re reminiscent of old Hollywood glamour and are so flattering and come in all kinds of crazy colors and patterns. It makes them really fun! A lot of times they come with detachable straps which is my fave part because it makes tanning really easy. These can be sort of hard for busty girls to wear because there is a sharp cutoff at the top and the “girls” tend to spill over. If you have large “ladies” then I would suggest keeping the straps on for extra support.

Now you’re all set for Summer! Happy Beachin’!