Corporate Catwalk

With my recent graduation from college and the job search in full swing, it got me thinking a lot about how I can incorporate my own style into professional dress. A lot of times dressing professionally can be really mundane and it’s a lot of muted colors and boring fabrics. But why not spruce it up a little? I put together a look where the jewelry and makeup make a statement. Business casual doesn’t have to be boring. Dress up a dark blouse with a statement necklace and choose a bright lipstick or lip gloss to offset the blouse. Adding statement pieces allows you to incorporate your own style into your work wardrobe and makes dressing for work a little more fun! As well as dressing up my pieces, I also switched out a pair of long dress pants for some cropped pants. They pay homage to the style in the 1950s and they’re so chic and add a little pizzazz to your outfit!

Please excuse my photo quality. I decided not to take them on my camera…and that was a bad decision.

We were at a little league ballpark so this happened.

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Exact Cropped Pants: Tommy Hilfiger– $119.50

Necklace:Target – $16.99

Cropped Pants Dupe: LOFT – $69.50

Mary Jane Heels: DSW – $39.95

Blouse: Nordstrom Rack – $29.97