Engagement Ensemble

So you just got engaged! Yay! Now you’re searching all over for the perfect outfit to wear for your engagement photos. An outfit that is “the perfect combination of sexy and cute” (Yeah, I just quoted Crazy, Stupid, Love). But it’s true! You want your outfit to encompass your own personal style and personality without being too matchy-matchy with your boo (because you’re not 3 year old siblings dressing for a family picture). I’ve got a few tips for finding the perfect outfit for your session!


While a lot of people will tell you that mixing lots of patterns is a good thing and that it makes you stick out, I really don’t think that’s the way to go. You will stick out…like a sore thumb. Patterns are great when they’re worn in the right way! I love crazy patterns! But too many crazy patterns put together is going to make the photos look too busy and will draw the attention away from y’all and make the patterns the focal point. In my opinion, the best way to use patterns is to pick a really crazy pattern and pair it with a piece in a solid color that matches one of the colors in the pattern whether it’s a solid top, pants, shoes, etc. I paired a scarf with a bunch of different patterns and colors and tied it all together with a solid top and wedges that were the color of some of the patterns in the scarf. That way you don’t have too many different patterns fighting for the spotlight.


I love when people wear bright colors for their engagement photos. It just makes their photos pop and makes them more interesting. People can run into trouble with colors, though. Sometimes couples won’t coordinate their outfits and end up in colors that clash really badly. Sometimes couples coordinate their outfits a little too much and end up looking like they just stepped out of an awkward family photo. Whoops. For our photos, I took a color that was in my scarf and matched Joey’s shirt to it. For our dressy look, I picked a bright pastel purple shirt for him because it was spring and we were wearing a lot of dark grays and black. Pairing a bright color with a dark color is a great way to go because it makes the bright color that you choose pop more. That way we didn’t look like awkward siblings but didn’t clash either.

Hair and Makeup

This is just a little side note. You’ll want to wear your hair in a way that you normally wear it. You want to look like yourselves so don’t try to do too much if that’s not your style. You do you. I curl my hair a lot so that’s what I decided to do for my hair. I didn’t add anything to it and just wore it down because that’s how I’m most comfortable.

One last note, make sure you look like y’all are going to the same place. Your photos are going to look off if one of you looks like they’re going to a business meeting and the other one looks like they’re going to the beach. Just to keep your photos cohesive, collaborate and make sure your outfits are similar in how dressy or casual they are.

The most important part of dressing for engagement photos is to wear what you like best and what’s most comfortable for you! Even though I talked a lot about engagement photos in this post, these tips are also useful to ensure that family photos are as natural looking as possible.

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Photography: Joel Thomas Photography (joeltphotography.com)

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