Playful Patterns

I am a big believer in patterns. I love to spice up what might be a dull outfit with whimsical patterns and bright colors! This outfit is perfect for work or meetings. I think patterns can take a serious outfit and make it feel a little bit more playful. This look is a perfect example of that! This is one of my favorite skirts for two reasons. One, it’s super comfortable and I love the pattern and length. It’s kind of a stretchy material and it allows me to move easily which is super important to me. Pencil skirts can be restrictive and uncomfortable but that’s not the case with this one. Two, I found it on the clearance rack at Banana Republic for $37! Talk about a steal! If you’ve ever been to Banana Republic you know that it is crazy expensive so I always head to the clearance rack! I actually tried this skirt on not thinking I would even like it and it has become one of my favorite pieces! The clearance rack is my best friend! Believe me, you can make out like a bandit if you shop the clearance rack.

My shoes. MY SHOES! I love these shoes! I found these gems in a consignment store! Isn’t it so satisfying when you find a fabulous piece for so cheap? These shoes are one of my favorite pairs because they are just so fun. They add so much pizzazz to any outfit and they make great conversation pieces! I think pairing the fun pattern and a dark cropped sleeve tee with shoes that add a pop of color is perfect! I added a chevron necklace in the colors of my skirt and top just to tie those pieces together. This look is positively playful!



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Top: Target – $12

Skirt (Dupe): Unique Vintage – $48

Necklace (Dupe): Nordstrom – $19

Heels (Dupe): Macy’s – $69

Lip Color: Walmart – $7.97 (in shade fling)