How To: Clean Makeup Brushes and Sponges

We all know the feeling of knowing our makeup brushes are getting a little cakey and need to be cleaned but who’s got the time to stand at the bathroom sink and scrub makeup brushes. I mean we are busy ladies! Well I’ve got a few tips to make it easier to clean your brushes and keep you from dreading this time consuming task!

Cleaning Makeup Brushes

There are all kinds of makeup brush cleansers on the market and the really good ones will cost you a pretty penny. Why dish out lots of money when you have the best makeup brush cleaner in your house! I’m talking about Dawn dish soap. I honestly don’t know what store doesn’t sell Dawn dish soap. It’s honestly the best dish cleaning liquid and it doubles as the best makeup brush cleanser I’ve come across! Dawn is known for being able to cut through oil and that’s why it’s so good to clean makeup brushes! Foundation and concealers can build up and get oily on your brushes and beauty blenders and Dawn can cut right through it! Here are my steps to cleaning my brushes.

1. Put a little Dawn in a cup or mug big enough for all your brushes. Add hot water about 3/4 of the way up the cup. Soak brushes for about 15 minutes. This loosens the makeup from the brushes.

2. Rinse brushes and lay out a small towel to lay brushes on to dry.

3. Put a small amount of dish soap in the palm of your hand. Take a brush, soak it, then swirl it around in the soap in the palm of your hand. Rinse. Do this until brushes are clean and the water runs clear.

4. Lay on towel to dry.

If that wasn’t easy enough, there’s a new little gadget that makes it even easier! A makeup brush cleaning mat is the way to go for quick brush cleaning! They are inexpensive and clean your brushes so well because of the grooves. I highly recommend using one!

Cleaning Beauty Blenders

Cleaning beauty blenders can be a little more difficult because the product has usually soaked into the blender. But you would clean these using dish soap as well. Here are my steps.

1. Soak beauty blender with water.

2. Add dish soap to blender. Work soap into blender and rinse.

3. Repeat until beauty blender is clean.

4. Set on towel to air dry.

I hope these tips and my recommendation to use Dawn dish soap works for you! This soap has been a lifesaver for me and makes cleaning my tools so much easier!