Workout Wardrobe

Hey all! This week I’m gonna be showing off a workout look that I’m obsessed with! It features a graphic tank and fun patterned leggings! Who wouldn’t love that? I love graphic workout tees with puns and funny sayings on them. The cornier the better! I especially love this one from Old Navy! It’s really similar to the one I’m featuring in this post. I think graphic punny tees are so fun to workout in because not everyone likes to workout so it gives you a little bit of motivation if you’re wearing something cute and might make someone giggle.

Along with my bright colored graphic tees, I also love fun patterned leggings. Mine are form target but you might also like these from Old Navy. I’ve found that if you’re looking for a steal for workout clothes, Old Navy is the way to go if you want cheap but also good quality workout clothes. And, let’s be real, workout clothes can be incredibly expensive. A lot of places like Target and Old Navy have a lot of the same patterns that Under Armour and Nike do. I remember one time my sister thought I had stolen her Under Armour leggings because my leggings had the same pattern! You can definitely get cute and quality workout clothes without spending an arm and a leg.

Even name brand shoes. The shoes I’m wearing are Nike and they are the most comfortable sneakers I own. They have this really cushy padding inside and are kind of like compression shoes. I got them at Marshall’s last year for $35! It was such a good deal I couldn’t pass it up! These from Kohl’s are really similar to mine! When I wear a really crazy colors and fun patterns I usually try to go for a neutral shoe just to balance it out. You don’t have to sell your first born to be able to afford the most in style workout threads! You simply have to know where to look 🙂