Sassy Spotlight: Lipsense

Today’s sassy spotlight is a collaboration with my Friend Rachel Peters who is a distributor for Lipsense by SeneGence! Lipsense is a lip color that lasts all day long! And when I say all day, I mean ALLLLLL DAY! This stuff is amazing! I was curious about it when I heard that it lasts 18 hours because there are so many lipsticks and lip stains out there that claim to have all day wear and don’t deliver but this stuff is simply miraculous. I put it on in the morning including the gloss, and I was so surprised that even after eating and drinking throughout the day, the color was still as flawless as when I put it on in the morning. The gloss did fade a bit but it still lasted through lunch. I almost liked it better when the gloss started to fade a little because I’m not a super shiny girl so when it faded a tad, it left a subtle shine that I just loved! This color is so long lasting that it comes with remover! That’s how you know this is the real deal!

Lipsense is waterproof, smudge proof, and kiss proof as well as lead free, wax free, and non-GMO! So you can feel good about wearing this lip color! It comes in so many colors and I can’t get enough! It does tingle a little when the color is first applied but don’t worry, that’s normal! I tried the Pink Champagne shade and it is to die for! It’s shimmery without looking like those frosted lip glosses from the 90’s. Yeah you know what I’m talking about 😉

For a starter kit including the color, gloss, and remover, it will run you about $55 which is a great value because one tube of color lasts about 4-6 months when it’s used everyday! That’s crazy! You’d spend more than that on 4 lipsticks! Additional colors are $25 and additional glosses are $20. There is so much value in these lip colors and I cannot recommend it enough! If you don’t like to wear color on your lips because you hate having to reapply, this is the perfect product for you! You won’t have to reapply all day! Who doesn’t want that?!

Pink Champagne color, gloss, and remover

Below I am wearing Champagne Pink!

Wearing Champagne Pink
Wearing Champagne Pink

The best news is mention sass and stilettos and you’ll get 10% off!! You can’t beat that! 🙂

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*I was offered product to review the product.