Top Trends for Fall 2017

My favorite season of the year is coming!!! I absolutely love fall. The big sweaters, the boots, the big, cozy blanket scarves! Ugh. According to Joey (my fiancé) I have too many scarves but that’s just blasphemy to me. Once I figured out the right way to wear scarves, I collected as many as I could. I’m a big fan of blanket scarves just because I feel so chic and cozy when I wear them. They’re so warm and just make you look so “fall” 😉 But this post isn’t about my love for scarves or fall. I’m gonna let you in on what you can expect to see this fall. I’ll give you my opinion on them all and feel free to comment and let me know what you think about the newest trends this season!

Fun Knit Sweaters

I know sweaters aren’t ground breaking for fall. They’re literally everywhere come August. But designers are revamping sweaters with fun and unusual designs and fun little sayings. Even using different woven patterns. Cable knit sweaters or “granny sweaters” are making their way into millennial closets across the world. For me, cable knit sweaters can be cute if they’re the right color. Sometimes they tend to be a little lumpy and they always make me think about the scene in “The Devil Wears Prada” (my fave movie, btw) where Andy wears a big blue sweater to work and Miranda just tears her apart. However, I really like them when they’re pastel pink or a deep maroon. I really like this off the shoulder sweater!It’s so cute for fall!


Y’all, corduroy is back and I am loving it!! I wish it had never gone out of style. It’s one of my favorite fabrics just because it seems so warm which makes it perfect for fall. Corduroy is such a cute fabric but that’s just my opinion. Thiscorduroy skirt is one of my favorite pieces ever and I have a skirt just like it in my closet. I love it in the pastel pink but corduroy is super cute in a cognac color or even maroon. Joey has a pair of tan corduroy pants and I can’t wait for it to be fall so he can wear them again because they look great on him…and also he’s a stud 🙂 I also think corduroy is really comfortable. A lot of people don’t like it because it doesn’t tend to be very stretchy or have any give but i’m a big fan. You’d think I would have an aversion to corduroy seeing as my philosophy professor in college wore the same green corduroy pants to class every. single. day…Corduroy is making a comeback this fall!

Dark Florals

You may be scratching your head on this one. “Did she just say florals for fall?” Yes! I’m really into this trend. I love florals so I don’t want to stop wearing them once spring and summer end. Kudos to the designers who realized that florals are always fun! but they’re not the light and colorful florals you see during the spring and summer months. They have darker and deeper hues that are perfect for fall. It combines both of my favorite seasons so how can I not be on board? I’ve been seeing a whole lot of dark colors with bright pops of red like this shirt! It reminds me of what they would wear in FRIENDS. It’s kind of paying homage to the early 90’s when they would wear really dark reds and blacks and a whole lot of velvet! I’m absolutely loving this trend.

It really seems like the newest trends for fall are actually just a lot of trends that are making a comeback and I’m A-OK with that! I love when old trends are brought back and reinvented! What do you think about the trends for fall 2017? Drop me a line down below and don’t forget to subscribe! 😉