Day to Night: 1 Piece 2 Ways

Hey Y’all! Today is a very exciting day! Not only is today my 22nd Birthday, but I’m bringing you 2 different looks using 1 piece! I’m gonna show you how to dress up and dress down an outfit! I’m so excited to show you guys because I’m always looking for ways to use specific pieces in differently. Nobody likes to wear the exact same thing multiple times! I love finding new ways to wear my favorite pieces!

I’m going to let you in on the secret to dressing up and dressing down an outfit. It seems hard because you don’t want the outfit to look the same but the secret is to pick one piece to revolve both outfits around. For these two looks I chose to center my outfit around my tulle skirt. Mainly because it’s super fun and flirty but also because it’s a neutral color. Black goes with almost everything and it’s easy to make it look different! To dress up the tulle skirt I wore some dazzling silver cage heels and a bright royal blue high neck tank with silver rhinestones. I’ve had that shirt forever but I brought it back to life by tucking it into my black tulle skirt and making it look like a cute little cocktail dress! My shoes are actually gold or silver depending on what angle you’re looking at them! Super awesome!

To dress this look down I just switched out my top and shoes for more casual pieces. Super easy! I love this jean vest and I actually got it at a consignment store for $9! How’s that for a steal? I love Chuck Taylors and I think they’re super cute with dresses and, honestly, what’s more casual than a converse sneaker? I love the contrast of the flouncy, girly skirt against my dingy chucks. I even kept the same hairstyle! It’s as simple as that. Simply focusing on one piece and changing the accessories is the secret to taking any outfit from day to night!


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Skirt: Charlotte Russe

Royal Blue Shirt: Lime Lush

Heels: DSW

Pink V-Neck: Target

Vest: Kohls

Converse: Zappos

Teardrop Earrings: Kohls

Cocktail Ring: Kohls