Hair Tutorial: Photo Ready Curls

Hey y’all! So I had been getting lots of messages asking how I do my hair so I made a video to show you guys! It’s seriously the easiest thing ever! I apologize in advance for my awkwardness and please just disregard the laundry air-drying in the background…I thought I had the perfect shot…my bad.

Shout out to Beyonce my multi-color teddy bear looking like a star on my bed!


1. Whenever possible, get a curling wand that is ceramic and is coated in tourmaline. That’s what my curling wand is coated in and that’s what gives my hair its sleek finish without it being frizzy. It’s the best material if you want curls that will stay for days and days. Tourmaline also limits the chance of your hair getting fried which is so nice! It’s almost like a built in heat protectant. But I would still use heat protectant just to be safe. It’s still a hot tool!

2. Laying hair flat on the barrel as much as you can will ensure that the heat is getting distributed through the entire piece of hair and you won’t end up with some section along your strands that are kind of straight and limp.

3. Like I mention in the video, curl your hair away from your face for a more natural look.

4. Running a wide tooth comb or your fingers through your hair after your hair cools will make your curls fluffy! It’s the best way get your hair fluffy if you’re look for that va va voom factor!

I hope these tips and tricks help you on your journey to perfect curls!


3-in-1 Wand: Walmart

Heat Protectant: Target

Wide Tooth Comb: Amazon