My Fiancé Does My Makeup!

Hey y’all! I am so excited for this post! I absolutely love the videos on youtube when beauty gurus have their significant other do their makeup and I wanted to try it! That’s not saying I’m a beauty guru because I’m the farthest thing from it but I thought it would be something really fun and lighthearted 🙂 Joey made me laugh so much while doing this and I really wanted to introduce him to you guys because I always talk about him. He claims to be a youtube sensation because when he played Ultimate Frisbee in college, he won the conference championship with an awesome Callahan and his coach put it on youtube. The video has just over 3,500 views so that apparently makes him a youtube star hahaha I’ll link the video down below so you can see what a star he is 😉 But anyway he has watched me put on my makeup before but he really doesn’t know what most of the products are or what they do so it was really cute to watch him figure it out. He was so gentle with everything and it was super relaxing! I hope this video gives you a good laugh.

P.S. We both look super pale because we sat in front of a window and my camera isn’t that great.


His game winning catch