Neutrals for Fall…Groundbreaking

Hey everybody! It has finally been feeling like fall the past few days and I am loving it! Since the weather has been so amazing, I wanted to bring you one of my favorite looks for fall! This look is all about neutrals. I know, wearing neutrals during the fall is not something new or exciting. The title of this post is actually a play on a line from The Devil Wears Prada when Miranda is critiquing one of the staff’s ideas for a spring photo shoot and she says, “Florals for spring, groundbreaking”. Ha! That is one of the best lines! But really, who doesn’t love a neutral look?

As y’all know, I am obsessed with corduroy and this skirt is the perfect example of that! I love the buttons down the front that give the skirt a little extra something. This look is actually super cozy even though skirts don’t tend to be warm. I love wearing tights in the fall and winter because (1) my legs are super pale during these times and (2) it makes any outfit warmer. The tights I’m wearing are actually my old dance tights 🙂 I like wearing them because they’re super thick! They’re convertible tights which just means they have a hole on the bottom that you can put your foot through and basically turn them into leggings. Coolest invention ever! That feature isn’t really relevant here but I just thought I’d share.

This blanket scarf is a dream! This is one of my favorite scarves that I own and that’s really saying something because I have a bajillion scarves! I love the plaid pattern and the neutral colors in it. It’s also the softest scarf ever. It’s super chunky and big which gives it a really chic look and keeps your whole upper body really warm!

I kept my shirt really simple because I didn’t want it to compete with the busyness of the scarf. I love 3/4 sleeves and I just think it really balances out the giant scarf because the sleeves are sleek and dainty.

My ankle boots are soooo comfortable. These are my go-to fall boots because they have a slight heel but are pretty flat and easy to walk in. The color just goes so well with this whole ensemble and I think they just complete the look.

I’m a big fan of dark lips for fall and winter. This lipstick is one of my new favorites for fall. The dark burgundy red adds a subtle pop of color to the neutral look.


Photography: Brittany Wasson Photography

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Skirt: Zappos

Top: Target

Booties: Target

Tights: Kohl’s

Scarf: Etsy

Earrings: Express

Lipstick: MAC