Holiday Glam on a Dime

Hey y’all! Today I’m sharing with you one of my favorite looks that I’ve put together for the holidays! I love looking glam for the holidays because I feel like you don’t really get to dress up that much any other time of the year so you should go all out! I love sparkles, deep, rich makeup looks, and high heels πŸ™‚ I mean would this be Sass and Stilettos without high heels? Sometimes holiday looks can cost you a pretty penny because a lot of holiday dresses have lots of sequins and detail work but I’m bringing you a look that doesn’t break the bank and cost me less than $30 to put together! How is that possible you ask? Let’s get into it!

This look was created mostly of pieces I either found at the consignment store *pause for gasping* or were given to me. A lot of people confuse consignment shopping with thrift shopping and those are two very different things. A lot of people look down on consignment shopping because they think it’s thrift shopping. Thrift shopping is going to The Salvation Army or Goodwill and usually those items aren’t the best taken care of and aren’t the highest quality but I know you can definitely find some gems, it just takes some time. My best friend is a ninja when it comes to thrift shopping. She always manages to find awesome deals on gorgeous pieces and I just get too frustrated to look through the whole store. Consignment shopping is an entirely different beast. Yes, you’re still shopping through hand-me-downs but usually consignment stores look through donations and take what’s in season, good condition and what they think will sell and will pay you for your donation. I like consignment shopping better just because I don’t have to search high and low for something without a stain and can still get a good deal. I don’t even remember the last time I purchased an article of clothing from an actual store in the mall. I love getting a good deal and you can always find really great trends in consignment stores!

I found this gorgeous sequin sweater at my local consignment store for $9. It’s a Jennifer Lopez sweater which could run you about $30 at Kohl’s. That’s more than half off the price! My favorite thing about this sweater is the open back and bow. I think the sequins are perfect for the holidays but the bow really tops it off! I also like that this sweater isn’t the typical holiday red or burgundy so it adds something a little different. A tip for shopping in the consignment store is to always go to the clearance rack first. Usually the clearance rack in any store, including the consignment store, is whatever they couldn’t sell and sometimes you can’t find something you really like but more times than not, I find something I love in the clearance section. That’s where I found this sweater. It was already marked down so much because it was in a consignment store and then marked down even more for clearance! Score! That’s why I always look at clearance first and then go to the regular racks afterward.

My pants I actually got from my future Sister-in-Law so they were virtually free! I always loved getting my sister’s hand-me-downs as a kid. It’s free clothing! Who wouldn’t want hand-me-downs?! Anyway, these pants are like a stretch jegging from American Eagle and I am obsessed with this line that they have. They’re super comfortable and look dressy! Like I love jeans but sometimes not wearing jeans can dress up an outfit.

I found my shoes at the same consignment shop I found the sweater at and it was the same shopping trip. I got these shoes from the clearance bin for $3. They’re in such good condition, I couldn’t even believe the price! I love the tint these shoes have. It’s a like a rose gold hue that the leopard print has. I’m not normally a fan of leopard print but these shoes are just so cool! I love the tip of the shoes. The shiny rose gold tip just dresses the shoe up even further and adds a classy touch.

My accessories were not from a consignment store but I have had them for a while and they weren’t expensive to begin with so it’s a win-win! I love these filigree earrings! I got them before I even went to college so I’ve had them for quite a while! My necklace I just thought was so cool! I like how it gathers and is super simple but adds a nice touch. You could even add a cute pendant necklace instead of a gathered necklace! Even my lip color is inexpensive! I am in love with these shades this season! My lip color is from the Lip Lingerie line by NYX cosmetics! I have it in the shade French Maid. The deep color adds a little va-va-voom to the look. This is a very glam look for your Thanksgiving. You’re going to dazzle at your Thanksgiving table and make your family think you spent a load on your look πŸ™‚


Photography: Brittany Wasson Photography

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