Wedding Planning 101: Things to Remember

Hey y’all! You guys asked for it so here it is! Today I’m going to be starting my wedding series here on Sass and Stilettos! I’m so incredibly excited that y’all wanted me to post about my wedding planning experience! When I posted that poll on my IG I didn’t think it would be such a resounding yes! I just want to preface this by saying I am absolutely NOT a wedding coordinator and all of my tips and ideas are just what I’ve picked up and learned throughout my whole wedding planning process. If you don’t agree with something, you don’t have to do it! Everything here is just a suggestion πŸ™‚ Alrighty, let’s jump on in.

Today I wanted to start off the series just by sharing some things to think about and remember when you’re planning your big day.

#1: Don’t Look at Everything as a Whole

This is something I have to constantly be reminded about. It’s so stinking easy to see everything that has to get done as overwhelming and believe me, I have had so many days where I cry just thinking about everything we have to pay for and coordinate. Joey and my mom always remind me to just look at each thing separately and it won’t seem so daunting and it seriously helps to look at it that way. Wedding planning should be enjoyable and fun! Don’t let yourself get overwhelmed!

#2: Book the Biggest Things First

Oh my goodness. This is probably one of my biggest tips. I cannot stress enough how important it is to book your venue first! You have to book your venue to even have a wedding date so absolutely book that first! If you book your venue first, everything else will follow perfectly. I listed the vendors according to priority:

1. Venue

2. Caterer

3. Photographer/Videographer

4. Florist

5. DJ/Band

6. Hair and Makeup

7. Cake Baker

These are the biggest vendors in my opinion. Any other vendor should be booked after these. Sometimes the venue is the caterer (like my venue, score!) so it saves you a step!

#3: Give Yourself Plenty of Time to Dress Shop

This one is soooo important. Most people don’t know going into dress shopping that it takes 4-6 MONTHS for a dress to come in! I was floored by that! The reason being that, more often than not, your dress is being made specifically for you so it takes a little bit of time. I do want to point out, as well, that you WILL have to size up. For some reason bridal sizes are cut smaller than normal sizes. That’s just what a bride needs, to be stressed out that she’s gained weight! But really, just prepare yourself before you start shopping that you may not be the size you normally are in regular clothing. I started dress shopping a year and 3 months before my wedding date so I had plenty of time to shop and make a decision. I didn’t want to be rushed. I went to 3 shops before I chose my dress. I actually found my dress at the first place I even looked (shoutout to Wren Bridal) and I fell in love with it but I also wanted to see what else there was. This brings me to my next point. A lot of people think you are going to have a beautiful moment where you absolutely know for sure it’s your dress and you’ll cry and everyone else will cry and you’ll all hug. Shows like Say Yes to the Dress (not that I don’t love that show) put that picture in your head and almost put pressure on you to do all that but in reality, it might not even happen. If it does, that’s great! I’m happy for you! That totally wasn’t the case for me. You absolutely DO NOT have to cry. As long as you love it and want to walk down the aisle in it, that’s all that matters. I actually waited a month before actually going in again to try the dress on and buy it. I wanted to be absolutely sure that it was the one. My mom, Corynne (my sister) and I went back to Wren, I tried it on, and my magical moment consisted of Corynne saying “Girl your boobs look gooood!” and that was all I could ever want. It wasn’t some crazy cry fest and that’s ok. I loved it and knew it was the one. One suggestion I have is don’t take too many people with you to shop. I know it’s so exciting and you want all your girlfriends to experience this with you but after your bridesmaid sprinkles her opinions all over the first dress you try on, you’ll be regretting it big time. Try to limit who you take to the people you are closest to. Too many opinions may sway your own opinion and may stress you out. I only took my mom, sister, and best friend. It was perfect! I walked into my dress fitting the other day and there was a bride there with the entire tribe of Judah and I was wondering how overwhelming that experience probably was for her.

#4: Try to Pick Flowers That are In Season

This is a super money saver! To say I picked a June wedding date because Peonies (my favorite flower) are only in season from May to June would be an utter lie. I literally based my wedding around when Peonies are in season because I need them to be in my wedding and they’re ultra expensive out of season! You’ll save a load of cash if you pick flowers that are in season around your date.

#5: Nobody’s Opinion Matters Except the Couple’s

It’s really easy for other people’s opinions to take over but your wedding is about y’all. Don’t let other people keep you from choosing whatever you want or what’s best for you. If you want a fall wedding with deep red dresses, don’t let Aunt Millie change it to a Spring wedding with lime green dresses! Acknowledge the other person’s suggestions, but ultimately do what you want.

#6: Get Organized

I am the most organized person ever and I LOVE to plan so a wedding organizer/planner book was the first thing I got when I got engaged. This is just a great way to keep track of deposits, contact info, etc. that you’ll need throughout your planning process. My planner has been an amazing help!

#7: Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

This has been surprisingly easy for me. I tend to like control and stress out about everything but small details have not been something I’ve been worried about at all. I have been keeping the mindset that I’m still going to be married to the love of my life at the end of the day so the wedding favors adorned with a bottle of unicorn tears doesn’t really matter in the long run. That has been really helpful to remember and keeps me from getting obsessive.

These are just some things I have been learning along the way and I hope they can ease your worries about your special day! πŸ™‚



β€œAnd over all these virtues put on love, which binds them all together in perfect unity.”

Colossians 3:14