Makeup and Beauty Tips

Today I’m gonna share some of my tried and true makeup and beauty tips/hacks that can really make your life easier.

1. Always Use a Damp Makeup Sponge

This is one of my absolute go-to tricks to make my makeup look flawless. Because the sponge is damp and there’s some water in it, it doesn’t soak up product as much and it’ll spread your foundation, concealer, or cream contour much more evenly and further. Plus, a damp makeup sponge is twice the size of a dry one so it’s so much quicker to cover an area. One of my favorite Beauty Blender dupes is these from Elf. They’re so squishy and soft when they’re damp which makes them perfect for blending.

2. Always Use a Face Primer

This isn’t really a tip or a hack. More of a common knowledge thing. I ALWAYS use primer. Even if you’re not using foundation at all. BB and CC creams still lay down much better with a primer underneath. I absolutely notice a difference in how my foundation lays down if I don’t use a primer. Primers just lay down a base that smooths and blurs your skin so your foundation or cream looks amazing. Just a side note: unless you’re using a pore filling primer, I don’t really understand the point of pressing the primer into your skin. I just find that there’s no difference for me whether I press or rub it in normally. That’s just my opinion. Take that how you will 🙂

I’m a big fan of this primer by Maybelline. I have tried a few and this one has been the best by far. I really like the redness control and blurring effect it has without making my skin oily. Definitely a must have.

3. Use a Lip Balm Under Liquid Matte Lip Color

Matte lip colors can be soooooo drying. I really don’t like the dry crumbly feeling a lot of matte lip colors can give so I always wear a lip balm underneath the color to give it a bit more slip. Sometimes it can give the lip color a more satin look which I am a huge fan of! You can also put a gloss on top but that seems to only give me a short amount of comfort because the gloss wears off. I love to put this EOS lip balm under my matte lip. Perfect every time!

4. Use Conditioner as Shaving Cream

Last but definitely not least! This is probably one of my biggest tips. It has saved me so much money each month! I use conditioner as shaving cream and my legs have never felt smoother and softer! I haven’t bought shaving gel/cream in ages. I just use my conditioner and a little goes a long way so you don’t even have to use a whole lot. You can even use lotion but lotion tends to be thicker and doesn’t wash away as easily. I don’t have a recommendation for a product because any conditioner that you use would work!



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