Wedding Planning 101: The Food

Hey y’all! Today I’m continuing my wedding series Wedding Planning 101 and I’m going to be bringing you some tips for choosing the best part of the reception, the food! I can’t believe it’s about 3 months until our wedding! It’s coming up so quickly! This part was actually really easy for Joey and me to choose. I thought it was going to be a lot harder. Our venue had a lot of good options but we didn’t find it hard to decide which was great! I apologize in advance for not taking photos of the food. We were enjoying it so much, we totally forgot but I’ll try to describe what we decided on really well 🙂

1. Get What You Want

So my first tip seems pretty obvious but for some people, it might be easier said than done. We took our moms with us but ultimately, the decision was up to us. Luckily we didn’t have to deal with a lot of opinions regarding the food and we were free to choose what we wanted. Keep in mind what your guests might like as well when making your decision. Most people aren’t going to like a Tuna Tartare dish, so try to go with something a little simpler that most people will like or can eat without too much worry about allergies.

2. Steer Clear of Nuts

This tip is suuuuuuuper important. Nuts are a food that a lot of people are allergic to. There are a lot of people that I know that are allergic to nuts that I didn’t even know were! To be safe, try not to have any nuts in your dinner or dessert or if you absolutely have to have them, have a large, clear sign denoting that there ARE nuts in whatever the food is. We mentioned maybe having a peanut butter frosting on one of our cake layers to our cake baker and she told us she’d have to have us sign a waver just in case any of our guests were allergic to nuts! We decided against the peanut butter frosting but I think it’s just safer not to include nuts in any part of your day if you can help it.

3. Ask Your Venue to Work With You

Most venues are more than willing to provide you with what you need or want on your big day! Sometimes what you really want isn’t on the menu or you want to add something to a dish. Just ask your venue if they’d be willing to do what you’d like. For our wedding, the venue is going to provide a bowl of soup for Joey because he’s not a fan of salad (surprise there ;p). So while our guests will be having a gorgeous salad, Joey will be having broccoli and cheddar soup. Joey is high maintenance and needs them to make a whole batch for one bowl of soup *eye roll*.

4. Think About the Season of Your Wedding

This one is important as well. If your wedding is in the summer, most people aren’t going to want a thick, hot soup. That’s why Joey and I went with salad instead of soup. Try to have lighter fare in the summer. A nice hot soup would be perfect for fall or winter, though! Also try to think about what produce is in season and what would be the ripest! Just think about what your guests would want as well.

5. Try to Have a Vegetarian Option

This one is becoming more important as veganism and vegetarianism is becoming more popular. You don’t want your guests to go hungry. They did just spend time and money to come and support you. Whether it’s an hors d’oeuvre, entree, soup, or salad, try to have at least 1 thing that a vegetarian or vegan could eat!

6. Buffet vs. Plated

This wasn’t even a discussion for our wedding because we knew it would be buffet all the way. The reason being, the buffet allows your guests to get as much food as they would like. I feel like a plated meal kind of limits your guests and may leave them hungry depending on the serving sizes. To us, it just isn’t worth the expense to have someone put the food on a plate for our guests either. Buffet style is definitely very cost effective so if you’re trying to save some dough, this is the way to go. There is also a middle of the road option some places offer which is family style. Family style is exactly as it sounds, platters of food are passed around the table like they would be at a family dinner. It’s nice for guests because they don’t have to get up and it’s nice for you because it’s not as expensive as a plated meal.

We really liked our choices for our food! We can’t wait for our wedding!

Our meal choices:

Hors D’oeuvres

*Crab Mac n Cheese Tarts

*Pulled Pork on Grits Cakes

*Mini Chicken Quesadillas (These were amazing!)


*Field greens with artichokes, feta, cherry tomatoes with a balsamic vinaigrette


*Herb-marinated grilled chicken with lemon confit butter

*Marinated flank steak with a red wine sauce (This sauce is the best sauce ever!!)


*Scalloped Potatoes

*Roasted Vegetable Medley (I was so scared this was going to be those boiled mushy vegetables that every wedding has but they had so much flavor and they weren’t mushy or boiled! Such a good choice!)

I love sharing my wedding planning experiences with y’all! Can’t wait for the rest of the series! See you next week!



“Be completely humble and gentle; be patient, bearing with one another in love.”

Ephesians 4:2