Bach Weekend

Good morning y’all! It is 30 days until my wedding! Four weeks baby, four weeks! It’s closing in so fast and all the little details are starting to fall into place!! A few weeks ago I had my bachelorette party/weekend and it was so stinking fun! My sister and my best friend did an amazing job at throwing a party that was so me. I’m giving you a peek into my bach weekend and my look for a bachelorette dinner!

The Party

So I wanted to go to DC with my girls for my bachelorette just because it’s my favorite city and it’s so beautiful! So they reserved a room for all of the girls at a beautiful hotel in DC. This was the kind of hotel that has a penthouse…that kind of hotel 😉 The room was awesome and it was the perfect size for 6 girls! So we dropped our stuff off at our room and while a few of us girls galavanted through the hotel, Corynne and Jamie stayed to set up all kinds of bachelorette decorations and whatnot. Corynne also got me a shirt to wear during the day that said “wife of the party” on it and shirts for the girls that said “the party” on them. So cute!

After everything was set up, we went out to do our main excursion. Corynne and Jamie made cute little tasks for me and the girls to do all over the city. It was so freaking fun! My favorite task was to make a human pyramid and have someone take a photo. I was surprised how easy it would be with 6 girls! We went throughout the city shouting Joey’s name looking for another guy named Joey and singing to strangers. I felt like I was on an episode of Impractical Jokers at times because we had to talk to so many strangers and ask them to do things. The weather was absolutely beautiful too! A bright blue sky and 65 degree weather made for the perfect backdrop for my bachelorette party.

Corynne got these little papers that looked like the boards you hold up in mug shots with bachelorette crimes on them. Obviously I had to be the bridezilla but I matched the rest to the girls’ personalities. It was so cute! We also went up to the rooftop terrace to take photos before dinner. The view was amazing!

We headed off to dinner at a wine bar in Georgetown called Eno where one of my other bridesmaids met up with us. It was super yummy. After dinner we went back to the hotel and out came the wine and vodka soaked gummy bears. We played slumber party games and a Kahoot to see how well I knew my bridesmaids. It was such a fun night. I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way!

The Look

I wanted my look to be really fun and girly. I chose a floral off the shoulder ruffled top with some distressed jeans and Steve Madden wedges. I chose a rose gold choker because a long necklace would’ve competed with the details on my top. This was a cute and comfy look for dinner that wasn’t too done up.

Even my hair was so low-maintenance. I washed and braided my hair the night before and just took it out and styled it in a ponytail. I wanted no fuss hair for the weekend.

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See y’all next week!