How I Cleared My Skin Up Without Even Knowing

Hey y’all! This is a super special post because I don’t normally post on Tuesdays. I couldn’t wait to share with you something that I just came across! I cleared up my skin without even knowing it just by doing this one little thing!

So I was looking at my skin recently as I was applying my makeup and noticed how smooth and clear it was (aside from a few scars). Normally I have a little bit of texture in the center of my cheeks but they were completely smooth. I just thought I was just having a good skin day…until my skin was clear and smooth for over a week. I racked my brain to figure out if I had started to do anything differently in my skincare routine and came up with nothing. Then it hit me, I had cut out dairy.

A month or two ago, I developed an allergy to lactose. It was very saddening because I love frozen yogurt and ice cream. Naturally, I began to cut out dairy from my diet. I can definitely say, since cutting out dairy, my skin has looked amazing! I don’t have nearly as many breakouts and my cheeks are texture free! It has been said that dairy can cause acne but the jury is still out on that. I can be pretty sure, though, that dairy was the culprit for my frequent breakouts. Not only was I able to stop all my stomach symptoms, but I was able to clear my skin! It’s a win win!

If you struggle with adult acne and you can’t figure out why, try reducing your dairy intake and see if maybe that’s the problem! Not eating dairy is totally worth it for me for my skin to be clear! I couldn’t believe it and I wanted to share it with you guys!

See y’all next week!