Honeymoon Essentials

Hey guys!!! Joey and I are finally married!!! It’s still so surreal that I get to love him forever and ever! It was an amazing day even though it rained cats and dogs the entire day. It was still the magical day I have always dreamed of. I’m a Bankert now!

We are currently on our mini-moon. We decided not to take a big, long trip somewhere just yet. I struggle so much with change and I knew we would be so tired and we’d be experiencing a TON of change all at once so this was the best option for us. We’re in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware which is just the cutest little beach town. Our hotel is super close to downtown Rehoboth so we’ve been walking a ton! We found an adorable little Inn that has so much charm and is adults only so it was the perfect mini-moon spot!

I wanted to share with you today my 5 honeymoon essentials that I think are a necessity on any honeymoon whether it’s a mini-moon or full fledged honeymoon!

A Good Read

This one is definitely for the readers out there. I LOVE to read so I definitely needed to bring a good book. I love sitting on the beach or by the pool and just reading the day away. I am currently hooked on the author Elin Hilderbrand. Her writing style is one of my favorites and she writes each chapter from the view of a different character! I’m in the middle of one of her books “The Blue Bistro” and I am absolutely obsessed. My friend actually recommended her books to me and I have been hooked ever since. It’s the perfect beach/vacation read. Even if you aren’t on your honeymoon, I would definitely recommend her books!

Floppy Hat

This one is a no brainer. Tons of brides get embroidered floppy hats as gifts and I just think a floppy hat is an essential for any beach vacation. They’re perfect to shield your face from the sun and also, just to look so dang cute!

Signature Perfume

I think taking your signature perfume is essential. It’s that smell your new spouse loves and knows well. It can bring about so many memories and really make your honeymoon special šŸ™‚ I have a TON of perfumes but I think my signature scent is the French Lavender and Honey spray from Bath and Body Works. It’s not some expensive perfume but it was the spritz I was wearing on our first date and I wear it a lot for a subtle sweet scent.


Guys this one is so important. Ever since getting the worst sunburn of my entire life last year, I have promised myself and Joey that I would make sure I always wear SPF in some form when I’m in the sun. Nowadays, SPF can be found in moisturizers, foundations, and body lotions so there is really no excuse for not protecting your skin. I cannot stress enough how important SPF is and you definitely don’t want a gnarly sunburn on your honeymoon.


I won’t stay here long because this is pretty self explanatory. Why not bring along something cute and bridal or super sultry for your spouse. What’s a honeymoon without lingerie am I right?

I’m going to get back to honeymooning! I’ll definitely be doing a honeymoon post as well as highlights from our wedding so keep a lookout for that! See y’all next week!