Must-Haves for Every Newlywed Kitchen

Happy Friday Y’all! Since getting married, I have been experimenting so much in the kitchen and being way more adventurous with what I’m cooking and baking. I have free rein to plan whatever meals I want to make and it has been so much fun trying different things! Last week I made a healthier version of General Tso’s chicken and it was a hit! I also tried my hand at cinnamon rolls from scratch last Saturday morning! I couldn’t believe I had never made any of that seeing as I have always lived in the kitchen! I didn’t want to be that wife that cooked the same things every week and have my husband get bored of my food.

I definitely have to credit having some really amazing gadgets and tools in my kitchen for my success and courage to step out of the box with my cooking. I’m going to share with you the must-haves that every newlywed (and really anybody who likes to cook) should have in their kitchen. I’m not sharing things that are kind of just normal things like plates, cups, pots and pans because those are just obvious. I’m sharing appliances that will help get you out of your comfort zone and really make your life easier in the kitchen!

Food Processor

This must-have is one of my absolute favorite kitchen appliances. It can just do so much. I know when you look at it, it seems intimidating with all the blades and components but this gadget will make your life so much easier. Want to make pie crust from scratch? It can do it in a matter of seconds. Want to shred some lettuce for tacos? Yup, it’s got ya. Want to make some hummus for your veggies? No problem! A food processor just makes life so much easier in the kitchen! Buy my food processor here!

Stand Mixer

I am in love with my stand mixer. Now you might be saying, “Well I have a hand mixer, I don’t need a stand mixer.” Yes and no. Hand mixers are definitely a cost effective way to get your mixing done but sometimes recipes call for extended mixing times and you might need to step away to do something else. Nobody wants to stand there and whip egg whites for 5 minutes. That’s where a stand mixer comes in handy! Stand mixers are the best for baking. Just throw your ingredients in and voila, your dough or batter is done! You can also throw hot chicken in the mixer to shred it for pulled chicken or chicken tacos! My stand mixer is pastel pink and am just in love with it! They come in so many cute colors. This one is my favorite brand!

Slow Cooker

This is the ultimate kitchen appliance for easy weeknight dinners. Just throw all your ingredients in it in the morning and by dinner time, you’ll have a yummy meal with little to no effort. A slow cooker is amazing when you don’t have time to be in the kitchen but you still want a home cooked meal. I have used my slow cooker so many times since being married and it makes my life so much better. That way I can run errands after work and don’t have to worry about being home in time to start dinner. You just set it and forget it. I love getting home and having the smell of bbq chicken or chili wafting through the air. Get mine here!


Yes, yes, and yes! A griddle is a must have for sure, whether it’s an electric griddle you use on the counter or a griddle pan you use on the stove. Breakfast has never been so easy. Because it’s one giant, pan, you can cook so many things at once and it cuts cooking time down so much. Not only are griddles amazing for breakfast, they can be awesome for any meal! I love making quesadillas on my griddle. It makes anything that needs flipping so easy to flip!

Chopping Block

This one makes it sound like you’re on Chopped but I promise it will make your chopping a breeze. I actually have two. One is a Boos chopping block that is one of the nicest boards I’ve ever seen. It actually has oils and creams you have to use to condition it. It is so sturdy and large, you can chop so many ingredients and set them aside on different parts of the board until you’re ready to use them. It’s the kind of board you’ll see in almost every cooking show on Food Network. The other block was a wedding gift that was so thoughtful and it’s beautiful and is engraved with our names and wedding date. I haven’t used it yet because I’m scared to mess it up 🙂 I think a really good cutting board is important to have while also having 1 or 2 other smaller cutting boards for smaller chopping jobs.

Knife Block Set

This one is kind of a no-brainer to me. You can’t really do a whole lot in the kitchen without a good set of knives. I would definitely invest in a good, more expensive set or buy them individually because sharp, sturdy knives will really make a difference in the kitchen. I don’t think knives are really the place to save money. They need to be able to stand up to the food they’re cutting and if they’re dull after two uses, well that’s gonna make your life harder in the long run. I absolutely love our knife block. It has knives for everything including 4 steak knives! I definitely recommend getting a really good knife set.

These are just few things I think every kitchen needs, especially the newlywed kitchen. See y’all next week!