Miracle Makeup Brush Cleaner

Hey y’all! I wanted to interrupt your Monday to share a little blurb about a product that will save you so much time when you’re cleaning your makeup brushes and sponges. That product is something you might not expect. I’m talking about a bar of Zote laundry soap! To be honest, I didn’t even know they made laundry soap in bar form. The makeup artist who did my makeup for my wedding mentioned it at my trial and I had to try it immediately! I was blown away at how quickly it cleaned my brushes and how clean it got them! You can get a bar of this soap at Walmart but I buy mine here. The best part about this magical bar of soap is that it’s only $1 and change! And the bar lasts you forever because it’s huge! I’ve only tried the pink bar but I’m sure the white bar works just as well. I definitely cut my cleaning time in half with this soap. I had a black and white beauty sponge that was all dirty with foundation, concealer, and powder and Zote made it look like it was brand new! I just wet the brush or sponge and rub it on the bar of soap and then rinse it and I repeat that until it’s clean! I used to use dish soap because that did a fairly good job but ever since trying Zote, I can’t rave enough about it! It also has a fresh clean scent that, for some reason, reminds me of my childhood. This is a crazy inexpensive and effective way to clean your brushes and sponges. I call it the miracle makeup brush cleaner!

I hope you guys have a great week!