Our First Dance

Hey y’all and happy Friday! I am so excited to finally be sharing with you guys the first part in my multi-part wedding day series! I wanted to lead off and kind of set a fun tone to this series with a post about our first dance. Our first dance was so special to us because it wasn’t just spinning in circles on the dance floor while people got bored. I wanted it to be extra special and so did Joey. We decided pretty early on after getting engaged that we wanted to do a completely choreographed dance.

I didn’t want to be a couple that just “danced” in circles for 4 minutes. I find that so boring at weddings so Joey and I decided to enlist the help of a few of our friends to create a mix for us and choreograph something that was really fun and upbeat. This was such a process. We went back and forth figuring out what songs we wanted in the mix and even had to shorten it after getting the first version back from Joey’s friend, Justin. Then we had to send our mix to some of our other friends who are amazing dancers to choreograph the dance. The choreographers were actually one of Joey’s best men, Brandon, and his girlfriend, Christina. It was so special actually having them there to see the final product! We did start the dance off with what would’ve been our first dance song had we opted for the traditional slow dance and then we kicked it up a notch about a minute in. We kind of got the best of both worlds with our dance. When the music changed, we looked around as if the DJ had messed the music up to kind of fool our guests! Some of my friends told me they actually thought he messed up the music and were relieved when they found out it was planned.

I was a little bit nervous for them to choreograph the dance for us just because they are such great dancers and I was afraid it would be too technical but they made it more of a fun dance rather than something that needed tons of practice. But we did practice…a lot. I was super scared of forgetting it on the day so I wanted to drive it into my memory. I do have a dance background so I was comfortable with learning choreography. I did end up forgetting a tiny part of it on the wedding day but it was hardly noticeable 😉 Oops! We started learning it from bits and pieces of video about a month before the wedding and had it completely learned in 2 weeks and just practiced, practiced, practiced. They did an absolutely phenomenal job choreographing it and it fit both our personalities so well.

I also want to point out that we did not tell anybody! Only our immediate families and those who were involved in the process knew…and I don’t even think my sister knew. We wanted everyone to be surprised. Not even the bridal party knew. And surprised they were! Everyone was talking about it the whole night. I was so happy to have been able to pull off something so fun!

Here are some photos our photographer captured!

Photography by: Joel Thomas Photography

I hope y’all liked it! It was a labor of love and we had a blast!

See y’all next week!