My Favorite Spot in Baltimore

Hello my lovelies! I hope all of your weeks are going great! Today I’m going to share with you my favorite spot in Baltimore! As you all know, I am from Maryland and if you’ve ever lived in Maryland and you didn’t go to Baltimore, then did you really live in Maryland? A lot of people actually think Baltimore is the capital of Maryland….but thankfully, it is not.

You’re probably thinking I’m going to say my favorite place in Baltimore is the Inner Harbor or somewhere downtown but you’d be extremely wrong. This place is actually a little hole in the wall Italian market on a little unknown street named Gough Street. That Italian market is called Di Pasquale’s and if you ever visit Baltimore, you need to mosey on down and check it out. A few weeks ago, while Joey and I were at my parents’ house, we took a little trip to this little Italian market and boy did it bring back memories. I remember, as a child, going to Di Pasquale’s and getting lost in the shelves of imported cookies, cakes, and pastas. They have a deli where you can get all kinds of authentic Italian sweets, sandwiches and other dishes and most of the time I just marvel at how amazing it all looks. If that’s not enough for you, it just so happens that Guy Fieri featured them on his show Diners, Drive-ins and Dives and you can watch your own pizza cook in their brick pizza oven! All the food brings me back to my trips to Italy and family gatherings. They have any shape pasta you could even think of and even some made with squid ink in the dough (My dad loves squid ink pasta…I don’t get it). As a kid, we would go to stock up on Italian meats, cheeses, and snacks that my dad grew up eating in Italy and while we were there we’d get some lunch and my sister, Corynne, and I would browse the shelves hoping mom and dad would let us pick out some goodies 🙂 They have all these Italian toasts that are kind of like stale bread that I love. It doesn’t sound appetizing but that’s what I would eat at my Nonna’s house in Italy with some apricot preserves for breakfast and it just makes me happy to relive that, if only through some toast and jam. This time around I even found cookies with my name on them (and spelled the right way)!

Leading up to us going to visit, I told Joey all about the store and how much I loved it and how excited I was to go back. He had never been and I built it up a lot so when Joey walked in, he was probably really underwhelmed as the store is very small. But for me, it was my childhood. It was kind of hard for him to really appreciate the smells and all the crazy foods that Italians eat because he didn’t grow up eating it or experiencing it. It was even more exciting for me as an adult because they have a whole corner of the store with all kinds of wine! My favorite! I could definitely appreciate that part a lot more.

This little Italian market is my favorite spot in Baltimore because it’s not grand or spectacular or anything that a lot of people know about. It’s so authentic and that’s why I love it so much. It’s not like these “Italian” restaurants and markets that are around. If you’re ever in Charm City and looking for some real Italian eats and goodies, Di Pasquale’s is the place to go. I already can’t wait for my next visit.

Di Pasquale’s Marketplace


3700 Gough Street

Baltimore, MD 21224





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