Hey guys! This is a special weekend post because this is not only Labor Day weekend but it’s my birthday weekend! So I decided to post a day early!! I told you guys that I had a big surprise for you today and boy do I! And that surprise is….

I CHOPPED MY HAIR OFF! Oh my goodness! It was a total spur of the moment thing. I just decided a week and a half ago that I wanted to chop it and called up the hairdresser and got it done! I have seen so many photos of people with shorter hair recently and I loved it! Short hair is so trendy right now! I was surprisingly calm when she did it. She even noted that I didn’t seem nervous. I got about 11 inches cut off and I did donate it. I was so excited to finally have hair long enough to donate! I have had long hair for a while. The last time I chopped my hair off was when I was 16 so it definitely took some getting used to. I can’t lie, I did have some buyers’ remorse the first night I had it done. I loved it at first and then I realized all my hair was gone and I had a little bit of a meltdown and was very upset. I was worried Joey wouldn’t think I was beautiful or sexy anymore because I had gotten rid of my long, luscious locks but he was so supportive and he actually loves my haircut!

I am someone who absolutely hates change so I definitely had to get used to my short hair. I do really miss my long hair but I also really like my short hair too. It needed to be done. My hair was so dead and now it is sooo healthy. This year has been about huge changes and transitions so why not make one more big change right? 🙂

Have you guys made any big changes lately? I’d love to hear about them!

Photos by Brittany Wasson Photography

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