Jaclyn Hill "BLING BOSS" Palette Review

Hey y’all! I am super excited for today’s post because I am a huge fan of Jaclyn Hill and her launch of her vault collection was very anticipated! I absolutely love her original Jaclyn Hill palette so I knew these were just going to be amazing. So let’s get into it!

To start off I need to provide a little background for this collection because a lot happened with these palettes. The original launch date for her vault collection was June 26th but they had sent vaults out early to influencers to try and they were reporting inconsistencies with the formula and pigmentation which is never a good thing. Morphe decided to pull the products, figure out what went wrong, and reschedule the launch date to August. I have a lot of respect for that because they could have said, ” No, we’re just going to sell them anyway and oh well” but they didn’t and I commend them for that. I’m sure it wasn’t cheap.

So the vault collection, which includes 4 palettes with different color themes, was launched on August 14th and I just couldn’t wait to get my hands on the “Bling Boss” palette. I was really only drawn to the purple palette because I don’t use a lot of the colors that were in her other palettes and purple is a great color on brown eyes so I had to have that one. Let me just say, I am in love with my palette. I know recently, Jaclyn Hill addressed the fact that some people were still having inconsistencies but my palette couldn’t be more perfect. The shades are so blendable and soft and all go together so well. I like that you can create a whole look from one palette and don’t have to dip into other palettes so if you could only afford to buy one palette, you could create a beautiful look. My absolute favorite shade in the Bling Boss palette is called “Hush Hush”. It’s a matte mauve transition color and I am obsessed. I use it to blend out all the darker colors seamlessly. I also think there is one extra special shade called “Berry Treasure” and I think it’s extra special because it’s very unique and I’ve never seen anything like it. You’d think it would be a very dark, sparkly purple shade but it is actually a black shade with flecks of purple throughout. Oh my goodness y’all, this is THE black shade you need in your life!

I am so into this palette and I know you will be too! If the amazing shades and textures aren’t enough, each palette is $15 or $49 for the whole vault! That’s a great deal if I’ve ever seen one. I’m a sucker for Morphe shadows and these are no different. I know you won’t regret scooping this or any of her palettes up!