The Details

Hey guys! Today I’m bringing you the third part to my wedding day series and it’s all about the details. I really think most weddings are made by the details. I wanted every little detail to be simple and elegant with a nautical touch. I didn’t want anything to be tacky. I loved every little part of our wedding and I’m about to share all the little things with you 🙂

I’m going to start with our cake because dessert should always be first 🙂 I knew when I got married, I wanted a naked cake. There just wasn’t a design I had ever seen involving fondant, that I liked. Fondant tends to make a cake look heavy and thick and I wanted the cake to be elegant, light, and simple. Our cake baker was actually a family friend who also did my bridal shower cake. She’s so talented and really nailed what I had in mind. Our cake was 4 tiers with alternating chocolate and vanilla layers and various fillings. I was absolutely obsessed with how beautiful it was and how amazing it tasted!

Next up, wedding accessories. I wanted my jewelry and accessories to be sparse but very pretty. Because the bodice of my dress was so detailed, I decided against a necklace because I didn’t want anything to take away from the detail. I went with rose gold Givenchy teardrop earrings. My mom actually found them and I was in love! I didn’t wear any other jewelry because I thought my dress spoke for itself and didn’t need any sprucing up. Joey’s accessories were simply some Eagles socks and a watch that I had engraved for him. I had originally planned to give it to him on our wedding day but ended up giving it to him for his birthday a week prior. The engraving said “I will always love you endlessly. 6.3.18.” I thought it was just something special he could wear for our wedding. Because he got a custom made suit for the wedding, he had our wedding date sewn into his jacket which was super special.

Like I’ve said before in previous posts, I wanted the decor to be very simple and very floral. We were right on the bay and the venue had a very nautical feel so I wanted the decor to mimic that. I used a lot of blue and striped ribbon to accent things like the bridesmaid bouquets and the votive candles. We decorated the mantle behind the sweetheart table with candles of varying heights and a white G and J as well as greenery to match my bouquet and arbor. It really gave the room some ambience. I definitely wanted a sweetheart table because I think head tables are outdated and I wanted to share my meal with just my husband. We just used my bouquet as the centerpiece and we outlined the front of the table with votives tied with a striped ribbon. Hydrangeas are a beautiful flower so the bridesmaid bouquets were made up entirely of white hydrangeas and were simple and beautiful. We also used big bundles of hydrangeas for our centerpieces in blue and white and varying heights. It was captivating to see all the centerpieces when you looked out. I wanted my bridal bouquet to be simple and white with subtle pops of blue. I loved my bouquet and thought it tied the whole look together.

I also wanted to have a menu. I always go to weddings and have no idea what the food even is and kinda have to end up guessing. It’s especially hard now that I can’t have dairy, I might pick up something that has dairy in it but wouldn’t know because there isn’t an indicator as to what the food is. I definitely wanted a pretty menu to tell everyone what was for dinner and what the desserts were. Speaking of dessert, in addition to cake, we also had whoopee pies flanking either side of our cake. I wanted to incorporate something from PA into the wedding since it was so Maryland focused.

Our guestbook was actually one of my favorite things at the wedding. Part of our photo package was a guestbook with our engagement photos in it and places for our guests to sign. We had my mom write questions at the tops of some of the pages for out guests to answer because sometimes it’s hard for people to figure out what to write. It was so fun to look through it after our wedding and see people’s answers!

Last but not least, the favors. I really wanted to pay homage to my state as well as the nautical theme and the fact that I love this seasoning! We gave little cans of Old Bay as our favors. I use Old Bay on anything I can and I really wanted to incorporate it in our wedding and a favor was the perfect place! It was something I had never seen at a wedding before and i thought the idea was cute. Our guests kept saying how much they loved that we gave Old Bay as our favors! I’m so glad we did that!


Photography: Joel Thomas Photography

Cake: Sweet Treats by Joy

Florist: Monteray Farms

Venue: Silver Swan Bayside at Queen Anne Marina

Dress: Wren Bridal

Makeup: Captivating Imaj

Hair: Sarah Love

See you next week!