September Favorites

Hey guys! I hope you had an amazing week! I am so ready for the weekend and I’m gonna kick it off right with a September favorites post! I have some really good and kind of strange favorites this month that I know you’ll love as much as I do!

1. Old Spice Wild Collection Deodorant – Wolfthorn

I know what you’re thinking, “Did she just list a men’s deodorant as a favorite?” And the answer to that is heck yes I did! I know it seems really strange but recently, I switched to men’s deodorant. Why? Because all these frilly girly scented deodorants just weren’t getting the job done. I always felt like I smelled if I even just walked out into warm weather. For some reason, women’s deodorant just doesn’t work for me. I needed something more heavy duty and that didn’t smell like flower petals and baby powder. I also wanted a deodorant without aluminum. Recently, aluminum in deodorants was found to be linked to breast cancer and with breast cancer running in my family, I don’t want to take any chances…even if in a few years they find that it’s not accurate. This Old Spice deodorant doesn’t have aluminum in it! How great is that? I tried a whole bunch of natural deodorants and 1) they didn’t do anything to help me stay dry and fresh smelling (surprise there) and 2) they actually gave me a rash! After the rash developed, I chucked it and resorted to using my husband’s deodorant until I could find one. I still wanted an aluminum free deodorant but I wanted it to work! Enter Old Spice Wolfthorn Deodorant. I love this deodorant. Not only does it work hard and keep me fresh, it smells amazing!! I looked for one that didn’t smell manly because I didn’t wanna go around smelling like Joey all the time. The wolfthorn scent is so yummy! It smells like blue Gatorade! I know that’s kind of a weird scent and comparison but that’s exactly what it smells like, fruity! I highly recommend this deodorant because it’s aluminum free, smells amazing, WORKS, and it’s also a clear solid so it doesn’t leave marks!! A winner all around.

2. Emerald 100 Calorie Packs

I absolutely love nuts. I think they’re a great snack to get in protein and good fats! But nuts have a lot of calories and those calories can add up if you’re not careful! That’s why I am obsessed with these Emerald 100 Calorie Packs! I know they’re 100 calories and I can just pop a little pack of them in my purse or lunch for a quick and easy snack. No measuring needed! I like the almond and walnut mix. Those are my 2 favorite kinds of nuts and the little mix is perfect! They have all kinds of varieties too! If you love nuts but don’t want to do all the measuring, you’ll love these packs!

3. Eva Naturals Retinol Serum

You’re probably wondering why I’m using a retinol serum when I’m only 23. I strongly believe skincare can never start too early! I don’t want to have to reverse anything. I want to take care of my skin from the start. A few weeks ago, I started applying this serum after my toner but before my moisturizer every night and I have already seen a difference in my skin’s appearance. My acne scarring is going away, my skin seems plumped and, overall, my complexion has done a 180! I’m really enjoying this lightweight formula and it won’t break the bank! Definitely give it a try.

4. Anastasia Beverly Hills Lip Gloss

These lip glosses have become a staple in my collection. They are the perfect full coverage gloss and they smell like vanilla frosting. I mean can you get any better than that? I think they’re pretty long wearing for a gloss. Glosses tend not to be super long wearing but these for some reason are great! I have the shades Vamp, Vintage, and Peony. It’s a beautiful formula and runs about $16 per gloss. not outrageous but not cheap either. I think these glosses are so worth the splurge!

Makeup Headband

This one is great! I am a big fan of wearing a headband when I do my makeup or wash my face and do skincare. Even in the shower to hold my hair back if I wash my face in the shower! I just don’t like having hair stick to my face or fall in my face when I’m doing makeup or washing it. I was on the hunt for a really good one to hold it back and keep it there. I found this one at Ulta for $5!!! What a steal! My sister even got a matching one in blue! It’s great for the shower if you’re not washing your hair that time around and you want to keep the roots of the hair that frames your face dry while you shower. it’s made out of towel-like fabric that absorbs water and is nice and tight to the head so your hair won’t move! It has a really cute polka dot design and big bow that’s just too cute! Joey actually really loves when I wear it because he thinks I look cute in it 🙂

Redken All Soft Shampoo and Conditioner

I recently tried this shampoo and conditioner after I chopped all my hair off! My hairdresser used it on my hair the night I got my hair cut and I couldn’t believe how soft my hair was for the next few days! I bought it as soon as I could. I do usually use only hair products that don’t have Sulfates or Parabens in them BUT this is the one exception. I usually only use this shampoo and conditioner combo once a week so I don’t sweat it too much. I needed something that could tame my unmanageable hair. Now that it’s short, my hair is much puffier and the frizz is amplified 1000% and this shampoo and conditioner makes it look and feel so much better! I highly recommend this combo!

These are my favorites for the month of September! I hope they work out for you as well as they have for me!