Apple Picking

Hey guys! Happy Friday! I am so ready for the weekend. This weekend, Joey and I have nothing to do which is refreshing because our weekends have been booked up lately so I’m excited to just relax 🙂

I’m going to be talking about Joey and my first experience apple picking! It’s kind of strange that the first time we went apple picking wasn’t in college because that was the fall thing to do at Messiah. EVERYONE went apple picking either with their significant other or with their gal pals and there were always an ample amount of pictures from each outing. I always meant to go but never got around to it. This year I was determined to go apple picking with Joey. He was actually excited to go! We went to Grim’s Orchard and Family Farm and it was awesome! It was a giant farm with a pumpkin patch, kids activities, paintball, apple launching, and all kinds of fun treats for sale as well as the apple orchard. If you have kids, you can easily spend allll day there. Such a fun place! Luckily when we walked in, someone was there to let us know what to do because it wasn’t super clear. He told us that if we wanted, we could have some of our apples turned into cider after we picked them! How cool is that? We grabbed two big bags and went to picking.

A lot of the trees had already been picked so they were empty but we hit the jackpot in a couple of rows. It was surprisingly easy to pick the apples. I always pictured it to need a lot of muscle…I don’t know why. We gathered up 20 pounds of apples. I wanted 1 bag for us to eat and 1 bag for apple cider. We got all our apples and paid for them and then took 1 bag to be made into cider right before our eyes! It was so cool! I vaguely remember going to a farm on a field trip as a kid to see how apple cider was made but it was a much grander scale. The apple cider we got was the freshest apple cider I’ve ever tasted. It was so naturally sweet! I would absolutely do it all over again! The weather was great too (a little chilly and gray). What a fun fall day!

I decided to wear a striped sweater and distressed jeans with taupe booties. I added a vampy lip color to make it really fall and a bright orange crossbody bag to tie it all together. I wanted to bring a purse but I didn’t want it to weigh me down since we were carrying 20 pounds of apples around. I was comfortable even though it was chilly outside. This sweater is super warm so I didn’t even need a jacket!

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Sweater: Old Navy

Jeans: American Eagle Outfitters

Booties: Overstock
Necklace: ALDO
Lipstick: MAC (Darkside)

Bag: Kohl’s

See you guys next week!