4 Fall and Winter Staples You Need in Your Closet

Hey guys! I am so excited for this post because I think it’s super important to have a few closet staples that can be a base for so many different looks. I have so many staples in my closet but I wanted to share a few that are essential for fall and winter. Staples tend to be pieces in neutral colors because they can be layered or an outfit can be created around it.

Neutral Colored Plaid Scarf

I love a good blanket scarf and this one is a staple. I like it in neutral colors because you can layer it over any jacket, sweater, or shirt.

Black or Beige Chunky Sweater or Cardigan

This one is kind of a no-brainer. You can find a neutral big chunky sweater at any store in the fall and winter. They go with everything and any color can go under it! You can also dress it up or dress it down. I love wearing big neutral sweaters with dresses to kind of dress down the dress.

White or Black Tank Top

I love having a black or white tank top as a blank canvas to layer on top of in the fall and winter. I love layering a big scarf or big sweater on top. It’s just so easy to use as a base for any outfit!

Tortoise Shell Sunglasses

I am big into sunglasses. I have so many pairs. I don’t think sunglasses are only for the summer. Last time I checked the sun still shines in the fall and winter 😉 I love tortoise shell sunglasses because they’re very chic and perfect for fall because they’re *let’s say it all together now* NEUTRAL!

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Sunglasses: Forever21

White Tank Top: Target

Beige Sweater: H&M

Plaid Scarf: Amazon

Those are my suggestions for fall and winter closet staples! No go make like Switzerland and get neutral!