Gift Guide for the Planner

Hey guys! I know sometimes the weeks leading up to Christmas can be a little overwhelming and stressful so today I am bringing you a gift guide for that planner in your life. We all know that one person who just loves to be organized and plans everything out. For my family, that’s me for sure! I love to plan everything and I like everything to be in its place. This gift guide is going to make your life easier when it comes to getting that planner the perfect gift!

1. Planner

I think the most important thing for a person that loves to plan is a planner! I found this one that is adorable and there are all kinds of styles! I’m definitely going to get this one for me for the upcoming year.

2. Pens

You can’t go wrong with fun colored pens to spice up everyday writing! These are my absolute favorite pens!

3. Stickers

Help them get motivated and inspired with stickers for their planner.

4. Desk Organizer

I love office supplies and this set of desk organizers is perfect for the planner in your life!

5. Dry Erase Calendar

A large calendar is a must for a person who likes to plan!

These are all things I would love to get as a planner myself. These would be great in a large gift basket!

Merry Christmas!