Gift Guide for the Cozy Homebody

Hey guys! Today I am bringing you a gift guide that is near and dear to my heart. I am a homebody through and through. I love to be home and just be cozied up with a book or a good movie with a candle going. Ugh that just sounds like heaven! I’m going to be including all the necessities for a cozy night in 🙂

1. Weighted Blanket

I am obsessed with my weighted blanket. They are recommended for people who have anxiety. The weight is just so relaxing and weighted blankets tends to be warmer than traditional blankets so they’ll keep you cozy all night long!

2. Yummy Candle

A candle is a must for a cozy night in. This one is one of my favorite scents from Bath and Body Works. Candles just set the mood and comfort you with yummy scent!

3. Bootie Slippers

I am a sucker for some booties slippers. I like my whole foot to be surrounded with soft, warm material. These slippers will keep you so cozy!

4. Lotion

Getting into the colder months, our skin tends to dry out and crack but this lotion is going to keep you super soft and moisturized!

5. Cute Mug

I am a mug collector and there’s nothing cozier than a mug of your favorite hot beverage! This one is so cute!