Christmas in Philly Travel Guide

Hey guys! I cannot believe Christmas is 1 week away! It seriously sneaked up on me this year. I waited so long for it to be the holiday season and it is just flying by. Recently, Joey and I spent the day in Philly to celebrate 6 months of marriage and we had an absolute blast so I wanted to put together a travel guide if any of you are planning to visit Philly in the next 2 weeks. Maybe I’ll inspire you to take a little trip!

I think Philadelphia is a really underrated city. I think people think it’s just a bunch of old buildings with nothing to see but it is actually such a nice city with lots to do! The buildings are beautiful and there’s so much history and it’s even more beautiful at Christmas time. I’m going to take you through all of my favorite spots and what we did when we went this month.

1. City Hall

I love City Hall because it is a beautiful building. You can enter from multiple streets and at Christmas time there is a big carousel right in the middle that’s great for kids. Surrounding the carousel, there are lots of little booths with various things for sale and lots of goodies. It’s super family friendly and really cute. Right outside City Hall on one side there is a giant Christmas Tree decorated in colored lights and it just embodies Christmas! Definitely a must see.

2. Dilworth Park

This is one of my favorite places to visit when I’m in Philly even when it’s not Christmas so you can imagine that it’s really nice during Christmas! There’s a nice ice rink there that you can skate at. I would recommend going earlier in the day before lots of people get there because when we got there (which was in the afternoon) the ice was pretty gnarly and there were tons of people. Even if you don’t skate, it’s fun to watch everyone else skate and to walk through the little garden that’s there. There is also a little cafe where you can get snacks and hot cocoa. Like City Hall, there are little booths full of goodies to buy along the ice rink! When we were there, I felt like I was in a Hallmark movie 🙂

3. Love Park

Love Park was recently redone and it was nothing short of the cutest little Christmas village. There were booths in and around the village with even more goodies to buy as well as a giant present made out of lights in the middle of it all. I wouldn’t recommend coming here unless you’re ok with LOADS of people. It was kind of hard to move but still fun to see and walk around. It was weird because I normally DO NOT do well in crowds but it didn’t bother me too much!

4. Market Street Septa Buses

This was actually something we stumbled upon on our way to Macy’s (I’ll talk about that next) and it was so cute! They decorated a few off duty Septa buses in different themes and you could take photos with the characters in front of each and wander through the buses. Super cute idea. I don’t have photos of the buses because I just forgot but they had a Grinch bus, a Disney bus, a Nutcracker bus to name a few. Such a creative idea.

5. Macy’s Light Show

Inside the Macy’s located on Market Street, they have a light show that is coordinated to music that happens every 2 hours starting at 10 am and going until 8pm. We happened to catch the end of the 2 pm show and it was super cute! The Macy’s itself was a gorgeous store because it’s inside an old building where the architecture is to die for. All decorated for Christmas, it was a sight to see.

6. Reading Terminal Market

I had been wanting to visit this indoor market for a while and we finally did. If you’re hungry, this is the place to be. There is so much different food that it can be a little overwhelming. We didn’t end up getting food there because we already had a restaurant in mind for dinner BUT if you’re craving something, odds are, you can find it in Reading Terminal Market. And for those of you not from PA, it’s pronounced like “red-ing” not “reed-ing” 😉

7. Max Brenner

OMG if you are in Philly and you want a really good dessert spot, this is THE place. We went here for dinner and dessert but, to be honest, we really only went for the dessert. There hot cocoa is legendary and they’re known for their chocolate desserts. It’s a lactose intolerant’s nightmare but I didn’t even care. I wanted to live it up! We got a dessert pizza that had white chocolate and milk chocolate spread on the dough and marshmallows and hazelnut bits on top. Oh my goodness, it was so good. We couldn’t even finish it and we only got a half pizza because it was so rich! You have to hit up Max Brenner if you’re in Philly in the winter.

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Those are all my favorite spots in Philly, especially at Christmas! They’re all in Center City or very close so you won’t have to walk like 10 miles to get to any one place. I hope you guys do venture into Philly because it’s a beautiful city that I am coming to love.