Fit and Fun

Hey guys! It is finally the weekend! Woooo! My family is coming to visit Joey and me this weekend. I am so stoked! We’re going ot just stay in and cook and it’s going to be so fun. I couldn’t believe my sister wanted to drive 2 hours with a 1 month old baby! But I’m so excited they’re all coming. We’re going to celebrate my dad’s birthday while they’re here too so I think it’s going to be such a fun day.

The past year dealing with an eating disorder has really sparked a love for fitness. I love being active even when I don’t initially feel very motivated. I’ve never been the type to love working out or cardio (cardio is still my least favorite thing ever) but I always made myself do it because it’s good for me. It always helps to have really cute workout clothes to get your booty to the gym, right? So here is my favorite workout outfit. I never understood why people worked out in long sleeves because why would you want to make yourself even hotter? Well the gym in our clubhouse is FREEZING! I have no choice to wear long sleeves now. This is one of my favorite workout tops because it says “stay positive” and I just love that. What a good little reminder, especially when you’re working out. I added some really cute patterned leggings that are SOOOOO comfortable. They’re so fun and I’ve gotten soooo many compliments on them. They’re perfect for yoga. I just added some old Nikes to complete the look!

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