Realistic What I Eat in a Day

Hi everybody! I am so excited to be bringing you a “What I Eat in a Day” post because I love finding out what people eat in a typical day. Now, I’m going to be real with you. This really is what I ate on this particular day. I didn’t try to be really healthy or not healthy that day. I just ate whatever I was hungry for πŸ™‚ If I had a cookie, I’m not going to tell you I didn’t because it’s not healthy. I’m gonna tell you I ate a cookie, ya feel me? I am still struggling with an eating disorder and some days are great and I eat really well and meet my caloric needs and some days it’s a little harder. I tried to pick a day that I felt really good so that I could give you the best eating day possible πŸ™‚ So, having said that, let’s get going!


6:30 am: This particular morning I had a slice of whole grain toast with peanut butter, banana slices, and some chocolate chips. 8 times out of 10 I’m craving something sweet in the morning so this is a healthy and filling way to satisfy that craving. I would always see food bloggers post a big slice of toast piled high with various toppings for their breakfast and I always wondered how one piece of toast would fill them up and they wouldn’t be hungry. Boy was I wrong. I tried this for myself and I was surprised how full I was afterward. I think it comes down to quality ingredients. I think if you’re piling it with protein and healthy fats, it’s going to fill you up but if you’re just spreading some sugary jam on it, maybe not. This kept me full until I ate lunch around 11 am (I know, that sounds so early).


11:00 am: I know this sounds like the earliest lunch but since I eat breakfast so early, I am usually really hungry by this time. I don’t like to snack in the morning so 11 is the perfect time. I’m usually sitting at my desk at work when lunch hunger strikes. Lunch is always something that isn’t like the “perfectly crafted” meal because it’s normally something that I can just throw in my bag and go. Sometimes I’ll take PB&J on whole wheat bread with PB2 as the peanut butter. I love bringing oatmeal to work for lunch because it’s something I can just pop in the microwave and it keeps me really full until I get off work. I’ll just add some oats and water to a container with some maple syrup, peanut butter, and apples and then I’ll heat it up whenever I get hungry at work πŸ™‚ You can also make oatmeal savory if that’s what you’re feeling. Oatmeal doesn’t have to just be for breakfast. I even love oatmeal as a healthy snack. Oatmeal is a great for lunch because it keeps you nice and full. I need that since I eat lunch pretty early.

Afternoon Snack

3:30-4:00 pm: I usually try to avoid a lot of snacking but I usually have 1 filling and healthy snack in the afternoon when I get home from work. We normally don’t eat dinner until about 7pm on a weekday because Joey doesn’t get home from work until about then so I definitely need something to hold me over until then. I had popcorn this particular day. I love popcorn because it’s very low calorie and high in fiber! Because it’s so low calories, I can eat a good amount of it and it really fills me up and keeps me full until dinner. I just pop 3 Tablespoons of unpopped kernels into my air popper and let it go. A lot of times I will sprinkle some salt or Old Bay on it and sometimes I’ll add some olive oil for that extra boost from the healthy fat and yummy flavor πŸ™‚ Something else I’ve been loving is having a whole grain english muffin and spreading some Daiya dairy free cream cheese on it and topping it with sliced cucumbers and dill. OMG! So good and SUPER filling.


7:00 pm: It’s the meal I wait all day to have. Dinner is definitely my favorite meal. This night I made a southwest quinoa bowl. It was AMAZING! This would be really good in a tortilla acting as taco filling as well! It had all kinds of seasonings that you’d find in a packet of taco seasoning as well as tons of protein from the quinoa and beans. I sprinkled on some cubed avocado for some healthy fat too! It was so filling and was loaded with lots of veggies. Joey even loved it! Here is the recipe!

After Dinner Snack

8:30 pm: I usually like to finish off my day with something a little sweet. I have an enormous sweet tooth so I like to have a small snack while Joey and I watch one of our favorite shows (ahem, the masked singer). I like to make a big batch of these oat bars so when that sweet tooth comes out, I can have something healthy on hand. They’re really dense and have the perfect amount of sweetness. If I’m not feeling something super heavy, I’ll grab a big bundle of grapes. I LOVE grapes. They’re definitely one of my favorite fruits and I love them when my sweet tooth is calling.

That’s it! I hope you guys enjoyed my “What I Eat in a Day”! It was really fun! I usually eat pretty healthy because it’s very routine and we don’t eat out a lot so this just happened to be a pretty healthy day. Let me know if you guys want to see more of these!