What's On My Christian Playlist

Hey guys! Happy Friday! I don’t know about you, but I love finding out what other people are listening to because I LOVE music. As a kid, I never understood why grown-ups liked just listening to music but I totally get it now. Music can just transport you and help you to get away from everyday. It can even bring back memories. There are a lot of memories tied to a lot of Christian songs that I heard in school and at church growing up and I just love hearing them again now that I’m older. So this is what is currently playing on my Christian playlist. Christian/worship music can really soothe my soul when I’m going through a rough time or even when things are hunky dory. I just love the reminder that God is all around me every minute of every day and will never let me go no matter how much I screw up. I hope these songs can be what you really needed to hear today 🙂

Comment down below and let me know what your favorite Christian/worship songs are or what you’re currently listening to!

Click the link below for my playlist!

My Christian Playlist