How I Stay Motivated to Workout

Hi guys! I don’t know about you, but I have been loving watching documentaries on Netflix. I have just been flying through them. Recently I finished “In Defense of Food” and “Kevyn Aucoin: Beauty and the Beast in Me”. Both were very good. I love documentaries about food and have a few more I want to get through but “In Defense of Food” was a great one and emphasized the health benefits of a mainly plant based diet. I also really liked the Kevyn Aucoin documentary because I really like his products and think he was an amazing makeup artist. It’s all about his life and career and it’s super interesting!

Anyway, today I’m gonna let you in on how I stay motivated to workout on a daily basis. I used to struggle so much with staying motivated and I think a lot of the reason is how I went about my workouts and my mindset. So let’s jump on in!

1. Pick out a Cute Outfit

This one is a huge motivator for me. I lay out my workout clothes in advance 1) so they stare me in the face and remind me to workout and 2) I don’t have to waste time picking out an outfit. Picking a cute outfit motivates me because who doesn’t love to look cute when they workout? I’ve noticed that if I don’t work out in the morning and I wait until after work, having my clothes laid out in the morning helps me stay motivated in the afternoon when I get home because it’s all right there and I change as soon as I get home so I don’t get too comfy and end up not working out.

2. Workout in the Morning

I know for some of you with really early morning jobs, this may not be feasible, but for those of you with normal job hours, getting up a little earlier before work is totally worth it to get the workout out of the way and off your mind. I wake up at 6 every morning so I have plenty of time to get a workout in before work. I always feel better throughout my day knowing I already have my workout done. If I succumb to a little more sleep, I will do my workout as soon as I get home from work. I’m talking put my stuff down, change and get to it, that way I don’t get comfy on the couch and end up not working out at all.

3. Split it Up

I am a huge advocate for splitting up your workout. There’s no rule saying we have to do our workout all at once. I like to split up my workout sometimes throughout my day if I’m not feeling super motivated in the morning and I just want to do something light to get me going. I’ll then do something a little more intense later in the day because I have more energy or I’m feeling stronger. A lot of times I won’t start my day with cardio because I like to workout before breakfast and I just don’t have the energy. I’ll start the day with yoga in the morning and then after work I’ll do some cardio after my afternoon snack when I have more energy. I’m way more motivated if I know I don’t always have to workout all at once. Even if you don’t end up doing anymore later in the day, you at least did a little something and that’s way better than nothing at all.

4. Workout at Home

Who says you have to go to the gym? There are so many workouts on Instagram, Pinterest, and Youtube, a gym is almost not even necessary anymore. I hardly ever use our gym at our complex because it is always freezing so I do 95% of my workouts in my living room and to be honest, it’s a total motivator. Knowing I don’t even have to leave my nice cozy apartment in the morning to go workout, motivates me so much! Some of my hardest workouts have been done at home. I use resistance bands and light weights and I have actually seen more progress doing at home workouts than going to the gym. Another motivator is that nobody is there to watch you or judge you! You can look as crazy as you want haha. I also like working out at home because then you can do it anywhere at any time. Whether you’re actually home or not. I love being able to pull up a workout and do it whether I’m on vacation or visiting my parents. I can’t make the excuse that I don’t have time to go to the gym or I can’t workout because I’m not near my gym. I think that’s why I have been able to be so consistent and motivated.

5. Get a Gym Buddy

This one is a huge motivator because you get to hang out with a friend! I have way more fun working out with a friend than if I workout alone. It’s also a great way to be held accountable for working out! Joey and I did a 100 ab challenge that was on the blogilates youtube channel (if you don’t do her workouts, you should) where you do 100 reps of a different ab move every day and it was so fun! We did it together every night after dinner and it made it way more fun to suffer through it together than doing it alone. He kind of dropped off and I finished by myself but it was still super fun when he was doing it with me. A gym buddy can also push you to finish and not give up!

Those are some of the things that really motivate me to get my booty moving every day!