Makeup Hacks

Hey guys! Today I am bringing you some of my favorite makeup hacks that are going to make your makeup routine even easier! I love finding out new ways to work with makeup and I hope you guys enjoy these hacks as much as I do.

Make a Matte Foundation More Dewy

This is one that I absolutely love! I love a good matte foundation but sometimes you just want a more natural looking finish to your skin and that’s where this hack is a lifesaver! I love to mix in a beauty oil with my foundation. Now you can mix it on the back of your hand or directly on your face. I like to dot the foundation on my face first and then drop a few drops of beauty oil on my face and just blend that all together with my beauty sponge. I have noticed that it does thin out the foundation depending on how much oil you use but you can just build it up a little. No biggie. I love the finish the beauty oil gives my foundation! If you are feeling a more natural makeup day but don’t have a more lightweight foundation on hand, this is the way to go! And you can use any beauty oil you want!

Make a Foundation More Full Coverage

I love this trick. It’s super simple. If you’re looking to make your foundation a little bit more full coverage, just mix in a little bit of your favorite loose powder into your foundation! Pump or pour a bit of foundation onto the back of your hand or a glass palette and mix in some powder. Easy as that. You can adjust how full coverage it is with how much powder you add in. If you want to do full glam and you just ran out of your favorite full coverage foundation, no worries!

Make Your Highlight More Blinding

I absolutely LOVE this tip and it’s super easy. If you want to blind the haters but your highlight is just not blinding enough, just spray your face first with setting spray or a facial mist and then go in with your powder highlight. It’s that simple. This also works for blush if you want to amp up the intensity of your blush!

If you have any makeup hacks of your own, I’d love to hear them!