Health Update

Hey guys! I wanted to update you guys on my health and let you know what’s been going on. The last time I did a life update I told you guys about my eating disorder and I wanted to just give you a little bit of an update on what’s happening with that.

Since my last life update which was in January, I have finally gotten help with it. I kept putting it off and ignoring it because I thought I could just handle it myself. I mean I was a nutrition major for half of college and was on my way to becoming a dietitian so that makes me qualified right? *eye roll* Obviously that wasn’t the best route because that ended with me having an extreme panic attack/meltdown a few weeks ago. I was scared. This was not normal and I knew that I had to do something immediately.

The next day after my meltdown, I called my doctor to set up an appointment to come in and talk and see where she could refer me. I didn’t know where to start getting help. She referred me to an in-office dietitian and psychologist. I just had my first appointment with my dietitian and I am already feeling a little bit better. We discussed how I was feeling and a plan of attack. She told me I was 10 pounds underweight and I was eating way fewer calories than my body needs so she put me on a plan to increase calories while also not counting calories (which I am super notorious for). We discussed how I was feeling and a lot of the symptoms that I’m experiencing is due to lack of calories, namely low body temp, irritability, not sleeping well, etc. I’m struggling a little bit allowing myself to loosen the reins on how much I eat, I’m not going to lie. I’m still really scared to allow myself to gain weight but I think that’s something that the psychologist is going to have to help me through. I haven’t made an appointment with the psychologist yet only because I’ve been a little overwhelmed by everything and I wanted to do everything one step at a time. Scheduling an appointment with them is next on my to-do list.

I know this is only the beginning and it’s going to take a while to get healthy and have a positive outlook on my body image and eating but I am really optimistic. Thank you so much to everyone who has reached out to me to offer support and kind words. It means everything to me to know I’m not alone.