My Top Self-Tanners

Hi guys! We made it through Monday! Hurray! I can’t wait to dive into this post. I have been an advocate for self tanning for so long! I used to love laying in the sun and I don’t mind it for a little bit to get some Vitamin D but after I got an extremely painful sunburn a few years ago, I started taking the damage the sun can do seriously. Now, more than ever, I am loving self tanning. I did a post a while back talking about how I self tan and I think I may do a post about my updated self tanning routine so be on the lookout for that! But today I am going to be talking all about my favorite self tanners. I have a few that are my ride or dies. So let’s jump in!

St. Moriz Professional Fast Tanning Mousse

This self tanner is so quick and delivers the most natural tan! I love it! Now, I will say that it does fade kind of weird BUT that’s when use a body scrub to get it off and start over. I think with a mitt, the application is flawless. It does dry down very quickly so you need to work fast with it, but it doesn’t streak and if you need a quick tan for an event of some sort, this is it! It starts to develop in 1 hour and it reaches the peak darkness in 3 hours. So you’re not waiting 6-8 hours for a tan and you don’t have to smell like self tanner forever. I usually use my self tanners at night before bed so it can develop overnight and I won’t have to wash my hands or anything. This one is great to put on in the morning if you want to be tan by afternoon or evening. I have even used this on my face and it comes out beautifully! It usually lasts about 4 days on me so it doesn’t last as long as other tanners I use but the convenience of it totally outweighs that. I love this tanner for quick tans!

St. Moriz Instant Self Tanning Mousse

Another one from St. Moriz. What can I say? The company makes great tanning products! I have used this one since college and it was actually one of the first mousses I had tried. Like the express tanner, this one is smooth, dark, and I like that it has a color guard as well. It helps you see where you’re putting the product and helps you get it evenly across your body. This one is just like the express except you have to wait a good 6 hours for it to fully develop. That doesn’t bother me because, like I said before, I put it on before bed. It smells really fresh which is nice and I just can’t get enough. I am really looking forward to trying the ultra dark shade and letting you guys know what I think of that one! I bet it’s amazing!

Bondi Sands Self Tanning Lotion

What can I say about this self tanner except that it’s AMAZING! It smells like coconut, it gives you THE MOST natural looking tan, it’s smooth, and it’s affordable. What more could a girl want? I remember seeing this tanner on Instagram last summer and then again on Youtube so I tried it out and I am so glad I absolutely love this tanner for all the reasons I listed above. It does take at least 6 hours to develop and it says for the darkest results, apply another coat after 30 minutes and I agree. It gives you a really gorgeous tan and I think this is hands down my favorite tanner. I haven’t tried any of their mousses or foams but I’d love to! If you want a deep, dark color, this one is perfect for you! I absolutely love it!



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