My Favorite YouTube Fitness Channels

Hi everybody! I am so excited to share my favorite fitness YouTube channels with you! I love working out at home. I think YouTube has really changed the way we work out and also makes it way more accessible. There really isn’t an excuse not to move everyday! You don’t even need a gym anymore. I love doing YouTube workouts because I can do them anywhere without equipment! I’m going to talk about my favorite channels with you guys and hopefully help you get your sweat on!

Marissa Walch

This channel is one of my favorites for yoga. Marissa is based in Baltimore and she creates videos that aren’t too challenging but definitely make you sweat. Her channel is only about a year old so she doesn’t have tons of videos but I have done almost all of her videos and I can absolutely recommend her channel. She does a lot of Vinyasa flows which I love because I hate being in a pose for long periods of time and I feel like I can get more out of her videos. If you like quicker paced yoga flows, I definitely recommend her channel!

Rebecca Louise

I absolutely love this channel. Rebecca Louise is super motivating and her workouts are quick and get a lot done in a short amount of time. I am always sore after her videos and I like to do a couple different videos each time I workout to get a full body workout. Her workouts are usually targeted to different parts of the body. I don’t find her workouts to be too hard but I am definitely sweating by the end. Sometimes her workouts can be harder and you just gotta breathe! If you love targeted workouts, her channel is for you!


Oh my goodness guys, if you like to feel the burn…and also feel like you’re dying, this is the channel for you. Cassey is super upbeat and bubbly and I love her videos! Girlfriend is strong. She talks through the videos like it’s so easy for her and I’m always dying. I love her videos if I’m feeling like a really hard workout. She does moves that don’t seem hard but once you start doing it, you realize how wrong you were because they burn so badly. Joey did a workout with me once and he couldn’t get through the whole thing. Her workouts look easy but they are far from it!

Yoga with Adriene

This channel is where I go when I want a slower yoga practice. I like how mindful Adriene is and if you like slow and steady yoga, her channel is for you. You tend to stay in poses for longer and she’s very peaceful. She also makes some longer videos which is nice for when I have the time to focus. She also incorporates yoga sequences that target specific areas of the body which is cool. I really like this channel!

Those are my go-to YouTube fitness channels! I’d love to hear what your favorite Fitness channels are!