Double Duty Makeup Items

Hi guys! Happy weekend! Today I am bringing you a post all about makeup items that can do multiple jobs! I love versatile products because they save you money and they make your makeup routine that much easier! It’s also great for travel so you don’t have to bring 101 products to achieve a great face of makeup! Let’s get started!

Bronzer and blush as a transition shade

I think this is a fabulous trick. Blush and bronzer can be amazing for a transition shade in your crease that can tie the whole eye look together! I prefer only using peach blush shades as a transition because otherwise it can make you look like you have pink eye…ew. If you have an eyeshadow palette that doesn’t have a good transition shade, reach for your bronzer. Problem solved!

Eyeshadow as eyeliner

This is my favorite hack of all. Eyeshadow can absolutely double as a liner. I love doing this trick when I want a more smoked out or subtle eyeliner for my eye look. I love taking an itty bitty flat brush like this one, wetting it, and dipping it into a deep brown eyeshadow and lining my upper lash line. It’s much more natural looking and won’t be harsh like a liquid liner. It’s also a great technique for beginners because it’s a lot more forgiving than a kohl pencil or liquid liner. Using eyeshadow as an eyeliner ensures you’ll never be without an eyeliner!

Highlighter as an eyeshadow

This is a fabulous trick! I don’t know how many times I’ve been working out of an eyeshadow palette and the shimmers just aren’t doing it for me. That’s when I whip out my favorite highlighter and go to town! I LOVE using highlighters on my eyes! This one and this one are my favorite highlighters to use on my eyes! They always just add another level of pretty that I can’t get enough on. I simply tap my finger in the highlighter and tap it on my lid. Ba-bang, instant glow!

Lipstick as a cream blush

This is a great trick if you forgot to pick up another blush or you’re traveling and forgot to bring your favorite blush. It’s even great if you just want a different shade of blush that you don’t currently own! I remember doing this trick back in my theater days. All of our stage makeup was cream products. We would dab rouge on our cheeks and lips for blush and lipstick and it worked like a charm! This trick works best with traditional stick lipstick. All you have to do is take a small amount of lipstick on your fingertip and dab and blend it onto your cheeks. It’s great if you’re doing a more natural look and aren’t setting anything with powder. A little goes a long way and you need to be careful but in a pinch, lipstick can do double duty as blush!

Eyeshadow as highlighter

This hack is totally awesome! Want some extra glow but don’t have your fave highlighter on hand? Just grab a shimmer eye shadow and get to glowing! This eyeshadow is one of my favorites and would look great as a highlight on deeper skin tones! The Glo Down is everything and more!

Those are my hacks for making your makeup work harder for you! Work smarter not harder!



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