How to Make Your Oatmeal Go Farther

Hello my friends! I hope your weeks have been filled with fun! we’re almost to the weekend! Joey and I are going to a friend from college’s wedding this weekend and I am super excited! I just love weddings ❤

Lately I have been listening to a lot of podcasts. My favorite podcasts are always health or food related. Some of you may already know this but I started college as a nutrition major and loved every minute of it….except for the chemistry. Even though I went down a different career path, I have always loved learning about the body, how it works, and how best to fuel it. I love listening to scientific and also just fun food podcasts and the Hungry Girl podcast by Lisa Lillien is one of my favorites. It’s really fun and lighthearted! I also like to browse her website and I discovered her growing oatmeal one day while I was looking at recipes.

I LOVE oatmeal and I eat it almost every day for breakfast. It’s super filling as is but I discovered her growing oatmeal and I love oatmeal even more now! She came up with a way to maximize your oatmeal! She calls it growing oatmeal because it truly does double! She simply cooks the single serving of oats in twice the liquid for twice as long and the oatmeal doubles! It fills a bowl almost completely! It fills me up sooooo much and I love to make it in the morning for a filling breakfast or make it and bring it for lunch to keep me full all day long. She has so many growing oatmeal recipes on her website but I’ll link a few of my favorites! If you love oatmeal but don’t feel like it’s filling enough, you NEED to try these recipes!

Cinnamon Roll Growing Oatmeal
Blueberry Muffin Growing Oatmeal
Peaches n Cream Growing Oatmeal

XO, Gabby

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