My Favorite Starbucks Drinks

Hi guys! How was your 4th of July? Joey and I didn’t have anywhere to go this year so we just treated it as a nice day off from work. It was so nice. I am such a homebody that I kind of hate having places to go. I am just not a party person. But today I am bringing you my favorite Starbucks drinks! Recently I got brave and started getting different kinds of drinks at Starbucks. I used to love getting the occasional frappuccino but now that I’m dairy-free, that’s definitely off limits…not to mention not the best for you. So now I opt for lighter drinks that are dairy-free. My tummy and my skin have thanked me. I also try to find ways to cut down on the sugar because some of the drinks at Starbs can be waaaaaay too sweet. I have found some gems at Starbucks that I rotate through depending on what mood I’m in and I’m so excited to share them with you! Let’s get started.

Pink Drink

This is a drink I knew existed but was afraid to ever try but man I’m glad I did. I always thought you had to order whatever the actual tea was but you can just order “the pink drink” and they’ll know what to do. It’s super refreshing and light which makes it perfect for spring and summer. It’s made with the Strawberry Acai Refresher with a splash of coconut milk and freeze dried strawberries. I ask for it to be sweetened with Stevia instead of syrup or just unsweetened and I add my own liquid Stevia. Definitely my go-to for the summer.

Passion Tango Tea with Coconut Milk

I tried this one after seeing it in a Youtube video and it just sounded delicious. When it’s made, it actually looks just like a pink drink without the strawberries but it has a totally different flavor. It’s very tropical tasting! This one is perfect for summer as well. I just order a Passion Tango Tea with Coconut Milk and Stevia or sweeten it myself just like the Pink Drink. This one is great if you get it unsweetened or sweeten it yourself because it’s super low calorie. A venti comes in just under 50 calories if you sweeten it with Stevia. I hate drinking my calories so I try to save them where I can at Starbucks.

Chai Latte

Man I love me a good Chai Latte. It’s like Christmas in a cup. It’s so warm and cozy. I love getting them in the fall and winter. I love Chai Lattes because they are sort of spicy and kind of taste like a ginger snap (my favorite cookie ever). I used to get a lightly sweet Chai Latte because otherwise I think they’re too sweet but they discontinued them 😦 So now I order a Chai Latte with only 2 pumps of Chai and it’s the perfect sweetness. I also get it with almond milk instead of regular milk. I love that you can customize your drinks at Starbucks. I get a Chai Latte anytime I’m at Starbucks in the winter. It just warms my soul.

It’s kind of funny that none of the drinks I get at Starbucks are coffee based haha I’m not really a fan of their coffee so I tend to get their tea drinks. I hope you guys try some of these if you haven’t already and discover a new favorite! I’d love to know what your favorite drinks are! I’m always looking to try new drinks. Comment below what your favorite drinks are 🙂

XO, Gabby

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