My Favorite Dairy Free Brands and Products

Hi friends! I am so excited for today’s post because I really want to help you guys out there that are struggling with how to be dairy free. Whether it’s a chosen lifestyle change or Lactose intolerance, going dairy free can be a struggle if you’re used to eating a lot of dairy. I’m here to help! I got the idea for this post when my boss asked me for dairy free recipes because her niece had to go off dairy. I have been lactose intolerant for almost a year and a half and when I first went dairy free, I had no clue what products were out there. I had been drinking almond milk for a while so I knew that existed but I had no clue about anything else! Over the past year, I have discovered so many new and exciting products in the dairy free world that have changed the game. I can’t wait to share my favorite dairy free brands and products with you!


Daiya is probably the first dairy free brand that I discovered when I went off dairy. They have a great assortment of df cheeses from shreds to slices and also make a few varieties of df cream cheese. I haven’t found a cream cheese alternative that I’m in love with but Daiya’s isn’t bad. I know they also make yogurts as well as a bunch of other df foods. I like to use their cheddar style shreds in my dairy free mac and cheese. I am not into the whole cashew mac and cheese trend so their cheese shreds are amazing for making cheese sauces. Their cheese shreds melt just like regular cheese.


GoVeggie is one of my favorite brands for df cheese as well. They make my favorite cheese slices for grilled cheese. They also make cheeses that are just lactose free and not vegan if you just have an intolerance. Cheese is the only thing I’ve tried from GoVeggie but I absolutely love the brand. I definitely want to try their cream cheese. Walmart is even starting to sell GoVeggie!

Califia Farms

I love this brand for almond milk and coffee creamers. I think their almond milk tastes better than Almond Breeze or generic brands. I just think their milks are creamier and thicker than other brands. I have only seen beverage products by Califia Farms so I don’t know if they make other food items but their beverages are AMAZING! I believe they also have cold brew coffee and drinkable yogurt! It gives me some strong danimals vibes πŸ™‚

Halo Top

Halo Top is probably one of the best known brands for df ice cream. They’re well known for making low calorie ice cream as well as df ice cream. They don’t have an extensive line of df ice creams but they’re still my very favorite. My favorite flavors from Halo Top are birthday cake and sea salt caramel. I also love this brand because you can pretty much eat the whole pint and not feel a tad of remorse πŸ˜‰


Silk has been around forever. It seems to be one of the first df brands. They started with soy milk and have expanded their brand to include milks like oat, almond, coconut, and cashew as well as a line of df yogurts! I love their yogurts. They’re super creamy and have a bunch of different flavors. I haven’t tried that much from Silk but what I have tried is dynamite!

Those are my favorite brands that make dairy free products! There are so many out there and I feel like new ones are popping up everyday! I’ll list a few more brands that deserve honorable mention down below!

XO, Gabby

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