The Hygiene Product I Stopped Using

Hi guys! I hope your week is going so well! I feel like it has been going by so quickly! This is kind of a strange post but I thought it might be interesting and maybe helpful for you guys!

I wanted to share with you what hygiene product I stopped using that most people would never go without. That product is….deodorant. I know what you’re thinking, that girl must smell to the high heavens. Surprisingly, no! I had been having a hard time finding a deodorant that actually worked and that I liked and didn’t get all over my clothes and I never found one. I actually figured out that it was the deodorant that was making me sweat! How crazy is that? I decided to do a little experiment and not wear deodorant for a few days. I kept asking Joey if I smelled haha I knew he would give me an honest answer. Everytime I asked, the answer was always no. The result, I smelled better and sweat way less than when I wore deodorant. Go figure!

Since I stopped wearing deodorant, I hardly ever sweat! It’s crazy that the deodorant was making me sweat more! Now, if I know I am going to be sweating a lot, I do wear deodorant. I’m surprised at how well it works for me. I have been loving it! Another perk of not wearing deodorant has been not exposing myself to the aluminum that is found in a lot of deodorants. I don’t know how strongly linked aluminum is to breast cancer but with breast cancer occurring in my family, it doesn’t hurt to eliminate the extra aluminum 🙂

I know that going deodorant free is not for most people but it totally works for me and I don’t feel self-conscious anymore! I used to think everyone could smell me and I just hated feeling like I was always sweating! Not wearing deodorant has worked wonders for me!

XO, Gabby

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