$100 Walmart Challenge: What I Got at Walmart for $100

Hi guys! I am so excited for this post! This post has been a long time coming. I love affordable fashion and I’ve never really shopped at Walmart for clothing or accessories so I really wanted to see what I could find. My mom actually came up with the idea for this post. She originally challenged me to see how many looks I could put together for $100 BUT I couldn’t really find enough items that would make a whole outfit. I changed the challenge to see how many items I could get for $100 and I was shocked! Everything was so affordable and I found some super cute items!

I got 3 workout tops for $18.80 total. They’re just basic workout tanks that are really comfortable. I also found a super cute graphic tank to sleep in that says “I love naps” for $5.00. Can you get much cuter than that?

I was able to find some loungewear that is super cute. I had been wanting to purchase more loungewear but I’m always more hesitant to spend a lot on those types of pieces because nobody really sees them haha You feel me? But I found an adorable pair of capris and a striped pair of shorts for $18.51 total. You can’t go wrong with loungewear from Walmart.

In terms of tops, I was a little disappointed. I didn’t see much that I REALLY liked but I was able to snag 2 tops that I loved. I found a leopard top that is perfect for fall that has a lot of detail as well as an adorable smocked top that I can wear now! The leopard top was the most expensive item I got and it was only $15.44. For both tops I spent $25.40.

Let’s talk accessories. I was blown away at the prices of the jewelry! I really liked the accessories from the line Time & Tru. I got 3 pairs of earrings. 2 pairs of dangles and a pair of studs. I thought the earrings were very interesting. I also bought a really cool necklace as well. All the jewelry pieces came out to $18.64. Unfortunately, I can’t link the accessories because they’re only available in store 😦

Lastly, I found a pair of ADORABLE mauve sneakers. Let me tell you, they are so freaking comfortable! The whole shoe is padded and the sole is memory foam 🙂 These shoes only ran me $9.98! What?! I am in love. I’ve already worn them a few times for my workouts and they’ve become my new favorite.

The grand total after tax was……$97.45! How crazy is that? I was able to purchase 13 items for less than $100! Honestly, I was having a hard time finding things to add up to $100. not because they didn’t have a selection but because everything was so affordable! I have really changed my outlook on shopping at Walmart for apparel and accessories! I am so excited to see what they have coming out for fall! I am planning on doing this same challenge but for Men’s clothing as well as home decor! I am so excited to see what else Walmart has to offer.

XO, Gabby

*This post may contain affiliate links. That means I make a commission from purchases of the products linked at no charge to you. Thank you for supporting Sass and Stilettos!

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