My First Experience with Hello Fresh

Hi guys! I am really excited to share my experience with Hello Fresh with you! This isn’t sponsored and I bought the kits myself so I’m going to be as open as I can! I apologize in advance because I forgot to take photos of one of the meals when I finished making it. It just looked so yummy that I totally forgot before I dug into it haha Classic Gab.

This was my first time using any kind of meal kit service. I never really understood why people didn’t just go to the grocery store and buy the ingredients. That is, until I tried the meal kit. I was very pleasantly surprised with how it was packaged for shipping across the country! I always wondered how they would keep ingredients fresh and cold and it’s very clever. My box arrived with the ingredients sectioned in bags for each recipe and recipe cards all packed with insulation and giant ice packs. Everything stayed fresh and cold. I was impressed.

The meals I ordered were Tunisian Stuffed Peppers and Tomato and Zucchini Flatbreads and they were both AMAZING! I was not disappointed in that department. Even though the flatbreads had dairy on them, I tried it and it was so yummy! I will say, I expected to have every single ingredient I needed to make the meal in the bag, but I didn’t. They did not provide portioned out oil or salt and pepper. I always have those on hand but I thought that was strange since this meal kit idea is supposed to be about convenience. Maybe I was just expecting too much haha That was a bit of a downside. Even though I had to use my own oil and salt/pepper, the experience was great! The step-by-step directions were very easy to follow and I liked that they included a picture of what it should look like at each step. That was helpful. Each meal only took about 30 minutes to make which was really nice. When I ordered the kits, I was able to choose how many portions I needed and they adjusted the ingredients according to that information. I thought that was great because there was no waste.

Overall, the experience was great. I don’t know that I would do it again only because I think going to the grocery store is way cheaper. The meals I got were about $26 BUT that was with a 50% off deal so that would make the meals $52 regularly. For that, I could feed Joey and myself for 5 days. Being a young couple on a budget, I don’t think it’s worth it for the two of us. Plus, I enjoy grocery shopping. I did however love the recipe cards and I’m keeping them to make the recipes again! I also really liked discovering the new recipes! I think that’s a great perk of Hello Fresh.

I think Hello Fresh is ideal for a person or family who is always on the go and doesn’t have a lot of time to grocery shop every week. It’s a great idea for someone who wants simple and quick recipes they can make that are all planned out. My boss loves meal kits and she uses them all the time! I’m very glad to have gotten to try meal kits!

XO, Gabby

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